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    Milk Bottle wanted

    Looking for a milk bottle from the Lone Star Dairy in Auburn, Ca. Any size...
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    1/2 gallon Woodbury

    Does anybody have a 1/2 gallon Woodbury with the Monogram on the front For sale? Ours got broken and I would like to replace it..Thank You
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    Woodbury 1/2 gal

    Does anyone know where I can buy a 1/2 gallon Woodbury canning jar with the scroll monogram on the front? Our neighbor broke ours and it was my Husbands favorite jar..Thanks
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    Kollers Brewing/ chicago

    We have a Kollers beer (Pilsner) that we have had since the 1970's.. It is a 12 oz. crown top... with full contents and label.. I know this brewery was in business from 1933 to 1953 but I really would like to know the value of this bottle because there is someone interested and I don't know what...
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    Vulcanizing Solution

    Does anyone have any info on this bottle? It is dark brown and stands about 4 3/4" tall.. It says Vulcanizing Solution MFG. By The M & M. MFG.CO. Akron,O. in a circle on the front..On the back at the base it says F.I. Co. The seam stops well down the neck .I would appreciate any info especially...
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    George? Is that you?

    My Friend bought this bottle at a shop in California and would like some info on it. It stands 9 3/4" tall..Has Washington printed on the front base. (Under his feet). Bottom says 3 Design Pat Applied for. The front part of his tri-cornered hat is a pour spout. The seam goes all the way up so it...
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    Tiny Whistle

    Here is a Whistle Soda bottle I dug in California in the 1970's. I don't know if it has any value but I just love it and wanted to share. It is about 2 1/2" tall...Norene
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    Metal Detectors

    I have owned my current metal detector (a Whites) for Years and am looking to replace it. Does anyone have a brand and model that they are thrilled with? I just want one to relic hunt and play around with. Does anyone have a recommendation? While price is not really a deciding factor I am...
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    Rams Horn Insulator

    This is one of my Husbands Prized Possessions. A Rams Horn Insulator.. I was wondering if anyone knows the value of it. It is complete..Even the glass insert is intact..thanks...
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    Indian Rock...

    My Husband and I found this rock several years ago while bottle digging. We always wondered what it was used for. I hope someone on here can help us...thanks...
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    Lid for Woodbury fruit jar..

    I would love to find a lid for my Woodbury fruit jar. Please see my post in the Jar Forum for 1-20-2007..Does anyone have one they would like to sell??
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    Woodbury lid?

    I have a half gallon Woodbury fruit jar and was wondering if anyone knows where I can get an original lid for it? Thanks.. The top is ground..
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    AMS whiskey

    Hi guys.. I am new here..So "Hello" first... My husband and I are oldtime bottle diggers and don't usually pick up anything after 1900 or so but today while kicking around in a 1920-30? dump my hubby found a whiskey bottle. It is embossed AMS and the lid says American Medicinal Spirits. Great...

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