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    New Jersey slug plate

    Hi all, i saw this bottle at a sale the other day, a nice clear blob top that reads R.C EWAN RICHLAND N.J. You dont see much stuff from new jersey up here in quebec so it caught my eye. Was this a beer or a soda? Sorry for the bad pic i thought i had gotten the whole bottle in but aparently i...
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    Question about bottles..

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if it was a common practice for canadian bottlers to use american made bottles or vice versa? Did this happen often? Rarely? Or not at all? Thanks for any help or info!
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    New river finds

    I went out to search in the local river the other day and made a few interesting finds, the first is a bottle embossed S&S looks like 1915-1920's..cant find any info on it and the other i was super excited about, its a local soda from montreal, J CHRISTIN, i was super excited, its...
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    2 New York quarts

    Hey everyone, does anybody have any info about these 2 bottles from new york? I cant find anything, one is a Montrose bottling co. Brooklyn N.y. and the other is a Colony club bottling co. Also from brooklyn, any and all info will help thanks!
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    Latest river finds

    These are my latest river finds from the local river near my house, not bad for my first time out this year, 1890's RRR Radway N.Y. and a realy cool clay pot, not sure of the age but i could not believe it was whole when i pulled it up, i was super excited, its definetly hand painted. Cleaned up...
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    2 embossed soda's

    Just picked these 2 up for my collection, a Radnor from Quebec and Orange pop 28oz which i had not seen before.
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    Round bottom bottle holder

    Heres a round bottom stand i made, all in stainless that i polished. Im realy happy with how it turned out!
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    Prairie rose bottle

    Picked this neat bottle up today from a friend, prairie rose mfg. Dominion glass mark underneath, ive never seen one and cant find any info on it either, have a look!
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    Any idea on value?

    Hello everyone, i was just wondering if anybody knew the rough value of this bottle. It says: LANCASTER GLASS WORKS N.Y. With 2 X's on the back.iron pontil as you can see in the pics, thanks for any help!
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    Any info on this one?

    Anybody ever seen one of these or have any says: registered may 1 1924 and on the bottom says union soda water. Sorry for the pic the bottle is a bit foggy.
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    Awsome river find!

    I found this in my local river yesterday, i was super excited since its my first one. I saw a bottle, bent over to grab it and felt the ribbed edge and all i could think was please be undamaged...and there it was...1920 clear orange crush embossed from massena N.Y.
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    Orange snap bottle

    Just picked this up yesterday i was surprised at the great condition it was in, couldnt believe there was no high point wear on the hobnail patern. I think this is a u.s. bottle, does anyone have any info? It only says patent pending on the bottom.
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    6oz flirt bottle

    Heres a new art deco bottle i got today. You dont see the small 6oz as much as the 40oz. I love the graphics on this bottle.
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    River walk finds

    This weekend i finaly went out to the local river that runs through my town to walk around and see what i could find. Ive always had a hunch there could be some stuff due to the history of the town and the old buildings that run along the river. Heres what i pulled out. First i found the little...
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    Bluebird soda bottle

    I picked this up the other day, almost mint condition, it has a nice embossed bird wearing a top hat. mar.2 1927 Bluebird soda
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    Any info on this makers mark?

    Does anybody have any info on this makers mark? Thanks for all your help.
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    Chas wilson art deco

    The latest art deco bottle to be added to my collection. I think its a beauty!
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    Near montreal

    Any diggers looking for a partner near montreal or surrounding areas give me a shout.
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    New stuff found.

    Had time during my vacation to go mess around in a farm dump i found in the woods. Nothing too crazy, a few keepers but most importantly had a great day searching with my daughter.
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    Exciting find!

    A little while back me and my friend were digging in a riverbank dump and i found a shard that said "NKILLER" on it, we had a chuckle and dubbed it the "killer" shard. I knew it said pain killer so i researched it and quickly learned it was probably a davis vegetable painkiller bottle. Ever...

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