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  1. Eddie6GS

    H.K Wick & Co. Glass Paperweight

    Good eye ROBBYBOBBY! I never thought to look through the directories. Thanks for the extra info, I'll have to look further into it now. Eddie.
  2. Eddie6GS

    H.K Wick & Co. Glass Paperweight

    I picked up this glass paperweight from an estate sale along with a box of bottles a few years back. Never found out much about the company, or any history on who H.K Wick was. I just uncovered it again while going through some things and thought it was cool so I figured I would share. If anyone...
  3. Eddie6GS

    Bitters & others in different colors.

    Very nice display, lots of beauties in there - thanks for sharing.
  4. Eddie6GS

    Sammis & Hertz Cream Soda Bottle

    Thanks Sandchip. Definitely one of my favorites so far that I've come across in the little while I've been hunting. Glad for the link too, much appreciated and I will let Tod know about it. Cheers, Ed
  5. Eddie6GS

    Sammis & Hertz Cream Soda Bottle

    Thanks for the replies folks. Would either of you believe it to be a rare find? I read an article about a man who put together a large collection of Long Island soda bottles, and he had a different Sammis bottle. Other than that I've found no reference to this company or any other bottle finds.
  6. Eddie6GS

    Sammis & Hertz Cream Soda Bottle

    I found this bottle quite some time ago, and have been unable to turn up any additional info on it. It is embossed across the front with "Sammis & Hertz, Hampstead L.I" and on the back it has "Cream Soda." I can't even seem to find the location of Hampstead. Other than a town in New York named...

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