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    where is it from W.H. Lee milk

    The W.H. Lee dairy was in Worcester Mass. and this exact bottle is for sale on EBay for $29.99. Hope this helps.
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    Milk Bottle wanted

    Looking for a milk bottle from the Lone Star Dairy in Auburn, Ca. Any size...
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    1/2 gallon Woodbury

    Does anybody have a 1/2 gallon Woodbury with the Monogram on the front For sale? Ours got broken and I would like to replace it..Thank You
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    Woodbury 1/2 gal

    Does anyone know where I can buy a 1/2 gallon Woodbury canning jar with the scroll monogram on the front? Our neighbor broke ours and it was my Husbands favorite jar..Thanks
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    Auburn, CA Show

    Yes... the link worked and some very beautiful pictures...thanks... Norene
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    happy birthday Caldigr 2

    Happy Birthday, Mike Hope your day was special.. I agree with how we do in Cali.I shot my turkey yesterday AM but had no place to dig in the well..[:D]
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    Was the house added on to? The back was probably the best place to do that and the house ended up closer to the old Privy spot? Just a thought...Norene
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    A walk in the woods.

    Mike..I am so sorry to hear about the Chemo..You have been one of my biggest helpers since I joined this site.. and I wish you a Full and speedy recovery...You have forgotten more then most of us will ever know about old bottles...Norene
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    Abandoned house

    My 2 cents is since it is posted "Keep Out"..Go to the trouble to get permission or.. keep out... so you don't get in trouble. I live in Ca. and the folks here take those signs Seriously..Just my thoughts...Good Luck..Whatever you decide... Norene
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    ALOHA to My Friend "808 50th State"

    I am so very sad to read PrivyCheese pointed out the bottle community isn't that big and when we lose one hurts..Especially someone that was very knowledgeable and helpful..May he rest in peace...
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    Donald Duck bottle- But Small??

    You are Welcome..I know I dated myself when I said Flub a Dub..but he was always my favorite when I was a child...Many long years Great bottle. I would love to find one myself...Norene
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    Donald Duck bottle- But Small??

    That is Flub A Dub from the Howdy Dowdy show on a juice glass .We had this same discussion (on this jar in) March 2007. At that time I posted a link to follow. Hope this helps..Norene
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    2 glass globes?

    Yep..Cyberdigger is right...Fish net floats...Love em...
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    WTF is this???

    Lobey... You forgot the part about walking to school in the snowstorm..5 miles uphill...both Norene
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    Cecil Munsy has a web site/

    Cecil Munsey is the author of the very first bottle book I ever bought.(around 1967?)..And I still have it
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    alabama 30s wine bottles

    I agree with cyberdigger.. I like them. They are gorgeous..don't know anything about them but if I found one I would keep it for sure..Good find!! Norene
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    Splitting Privy finds

    I think the most important thing is have all this crap figured out before the probe or shovel meets the ground...This is why I mostly dig with my Hubby..Ca. is a community property state...Goes the same CALDIGR2 is right in his point that one person digs the only $$$ bottle in...
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    Please help ID a brass thing

    I am cracking up
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    Please help ID a brass thing

    "Ferret Vice" Showing Every Sunday at 5:00 Pm on channel 3..... I love Local animal control officers tend to turn more of a blind eye to ferret ownership but Ca. Dept. of Fish and Game are Gung Ho....Only in Callie...
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    Please help ID a brass thing

    It is illegal to own ferrets in California and always has been as far as I know. Because of the fear that they may escape and start colonies that will negatively effect the native wildlife.. Some people smuggle them in but they get confiscated and destroyed if found..:(

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