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  1. Jamdam

    Two views

    Recently acquired this sweet barrel teakettle ink. Check out picture from light box versus backlit by sun.
  2. Jamdam

    Some with this bottle please

    Can anyone help withe type of bottle and approximate age please? I’ve attached a couple of pictures. There are no mold lines, probably a turn mold, bubbles in bottle from top to bottom all are thin and vertically elongated. The base has a very shallow push up. Bottle is 14” tall and has a bit of...
  3. Jamdam

    TSP overnight soak

    These dug dirty ones are getting an overnight soak of tsp. First time trying this to see if it will get rid of the dirt and other crusties. Know it won’t cure sick glass but maybe will be a big improvement over how they came out of the ground.
  4. Jamdam

    Anyone try cleaning inks?

    I have had 5 bottles cleaned (tumbled) by a “professional”. Took several months and the best and most delicate broke in the process. I have a few dug inks I’d like to have cleaned but not sure they are appropriate for this process. Anyone have success with inks?
  5. Jamdam

    Show me your funnels!

    I like funnels too!
  6. Jamdam

    I like snuff bottles

    Here’s a couple of oldies. Anyone have any they want to share?
  7. Jamdam

    Help identifying these

    Anyone know what these little bottles were used for? They both have seam lines terminating on neck and both have tooled lips. They are small. Tall on is 3”h and flat one is 2 1/2’h. Flat one won’t stand on base which is why it is shown upside down. I can send more pictures if anyone wants. They...
  8. Jamdam

    Archaeological Update

    Happy weekend all! For those who are interested, I have attached a couple of pictures of artifacts from 1 of dozens of boxes collected from the 1700’s-present occupied house. There’s so much more to sort and discover. Unlike my old bottle digs, we keep everything. It all tells a story. In this...
  9. Jamdam

    Archeological dig help

    We are back to researching a home site in Louisiana occupied by same family from early 1700's to today. Lots of glass we are trying to identify and date. You folks are the best resource we know so hope you don't mind with some help. I'll try to keep questions to a minimum. Here's an example. We...
  10. Jamdam

    Orphan soda?

    While I’m asking for help, anyone seen one of these? I dug many years ago at dump in Mena, Arkansas. Many examples but all broken but this one. Has been polished. Looks like crown top soda with tooled lip. Mold line stops at mid-neck. No marks on bottom. Have never found a comparable or any...
  11. Jamdam

    Ink or bird feeder?

    I’m not sure about this one. Looks like blown flint glass with ground Pontil and good differentiated wear on base. Very symmetrical for hand blown so not sure of age or use but guessing ink or bird feeder. Any help appreciated please.
  12. Jamdam

    Repo Harrison' pint master ink?

    Everything looks right about this bottle except I can't see any bottom wear. Also bottom is very uniform with light "orange peel" whittle. Some of same surface whittle on body half with embossing but pretty clear on non-embossed half. Differences correspond with mold lines. Something just seems...
  13. Jamdam

    Project needs your help

    Archeologists are currently working on a home site in Louisiana. The home was built and continually occupied from between 1758 and 1770 and today! It was originally built as a trading post servicing French settlers and local Indians. Extensive excavations are producing large amounts of...

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