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  1. J

    New bottle finds, what can you tell me

    Picked up some bottles at an auction. Can y’all tell me anything about them? I’m about to retire from the Air Force and picking up the hobby again. I’m curious to know the values as well. See if I paid too much.
  2. J

    Has anybody seen these before?

    Picked them up this week, unsure of the value?
  3. J

    Winchester bottle

    Have any of y’all seen this this one in this kind of condition? What do you think the value is?
  4. J

    Houston coke bottle

    Found this bottle at auction. Looks like a newer hutch bottle. Has anybody seen this before?
  5. J

    Has anybody seen this one

    Picked it up for cheap but I’m unsure what it is and how old.
  6. J

    Picked up three bottles

    Two are clevengers so I’m guessing the value is in the $10 range. However, I picked up a log bitters that has more yellow than brown in it; however, it has a nice crack on the inside. What are your thoughts.
  7. J

    WTS Bottle lot

    I have a lot of bottles that I would like to sell. I’m not sure of the value or all of the bottle history. Make an offer and include shipping. I want to sell them as a set and not by bottle.
  8. J

    Selling part of collection

    I’m selling part of my collection. Below is the link to my Wigwam bottle. See other items I also have listed......nice lot.
  9. J

    New to Bottle Collecting and found some today! Need advise....

    Good to bottle collecting and picked up my first three at an estate sale today. Anything you can tell me about them would be great. I’ve been hesitant to purchase due to the number of fakes floating around. Thanks in advance! The first says old sachim bitters and wigwam...

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