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  1. Bass Assassin

    Barq's Root Beer

    I realize Barq's may be a regional root beer but I was just curious if anyone here has any of the older bottles from turn-of-century or even the teens. Until today I didn't know this drink originated in southern MS and New Orleans. I would like to see some of those earlier bottles if anyone has...
  2. Bass Assassin


    Does anyone see anything they need. Took these photos in an antique store.
  3. Bass Assassin

    RC Cola

    Saw these 2 in an antique store. Does the price seem about right?
  4. Bass Assassin

    Trap/Sporting Clays/Skeet

    Just curious, any shooters on here? I am an avid sporting clays shooter
  5. Bass Assassin

    The New Site

    I've explored the site quite a bit and I like the new look. I know there are some members who aren't happy with the change and some who are having problems with their account/settings. For those people, all I can say is hang in there and give it some time. Admin wants to help you and keep the...
  6. Bass Assassin

    Happy Anniversay

    Happy Anniversay to the hobble skirt Coca Cola. 100 years ago this date Coca Cola received the patent for the bottle that changed the industry and set Coca Cola apart.
  7. Bass Assassin

    $55,000.00 bottle on eBay

    anyone else see the cone-shaped Bryant's Bittes bottle, San Fransisco listed for $55,000.00 ? Oh, and shipping is free by the way if you're interested.
  8. Bass Assassin

    ID wanted for broken bottle

    Does anyone recognize the this bottle?
  9. Bass Assassin

    Orange Crush

    a couple of bottles I have. I'm not big into ACL's but I've held onto them. If anyone is interested let me know
  10. Bass Assassin

    Snuff jar With good color

    check out the lovely color in this snuff I dug a couple days ago
  11. Bass Assassin


    Trying to upload pics from a mobile device
  12. Bass Assassin

    Ruston Bottling Works Coca Cola

    New to this site and i think i goofed up and posted this inquiry in the wrong forum earlier today. So, here it goes again. In the recent past my son went along with me on a bottle dig and he found a straight-side cola slug plate embossed "Ruston Steam Bottling Works" Ruston,La. He was soon...
  13. Bass Assassin

    Looking for a Ruston,La coke

    Hi, new to this site and would like to inquire on a particular coke bottle. This is a straight-sided coke slug plate that reads "Ruston Steam Bottling Works". I have one my son found while we were digging but it is broken at the neck. I think it broke his heart too! Anyway , if anyone has one of...

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