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    Trying out the new poll feature! Northern sodas or southern sodas?

    I would have polled: the whole U.S., northern states, southern states, eastern states, western states, just my state, just my county, just my town.
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    Chero-cola bottling map

    I really like your chero cola locations map!! I'm wondering what your phrase above means. Does it simply mean the town name embossed on the bottle, or does it mean something else?
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    Old Embossed Nehi Bottle

    Hi SoukaXO, I see your closeup of the Illinois-Pacific Glass Corporation glass manufacturer mark. You can see another photograph of this mark on the Glass Bottle Marks website (Page Three) under "IPG". The website says the Illinois-Pacific Glass Corporation operated approximately 1925 - 1932...
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    What are these?

    The transparent glass funnel sieve thing might be an attachment for a food juicer.
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    Tons of marbles

    I am ashamed to admit that this kind of thing was something we kids would do once or twice in the early 1950s. We called them 'shattered marbles'. The procedure was to first turn on an electric stove burner red hot. Next, put a marble on it between a couple of the red hot coils and roll it...
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    Soda display

    Very nice display. It's a collage of 8 still-life soda scene variations, or something like that. It's intriguing.
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    I have to share a shot-

    It is a pretty and artistic photo, but it looks upside-down, like it's about to pour something in my lap - a bit unsettling.
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    Vintage 1936 Coke bottle photographed with 1976 Vivitar 28mm lens

    The patent office was actually open on Christmas day, 1923, and that is when the issue date for this design happened. The Coke bottles with that design patent date are called Christmas Cokes. An earlier Coke bottle has the Nov. 16, 1915 design patent date on it. However, the earliest Coke...
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    trying to find out more on a possible Bluebird canadian bottle ?

    Bottle 2 Rocks, i have a 6oz and 7oz with top hats. I have 6oz, 8oz, and 28oz with no hats. I don't know what bottle maker my 7oz is. I wasn't reliably recording that info back then. I will come across that bottle again sometime. It is packed away now. I have not yet seen a U.S. made 6oz with...
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    Unknown to me Fluted pinched clear glass Coca Cola Bottling Co. Quality Beverages Lumberton, N.C.

    I have a couple of bottles with the same design. One is called Fulmer Bottling Co. Its size is 11 ounces and is labeled Columbia SC, and dated 1960. The other one is called Quality Beverages. It is a 10 oz. bottle and is labeled Fayetteville NC. It also says Coca-Cola Btg. Co. on it around the...
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    No one in the world has this bottle apparently

    There is an all-deco bottle labeled Cove Bottling Works that is fairly commonly seen. I have not seen this ACL bottle before, and I don't even know whether it's the same company, but I believe that it is.
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    trying to find out more on a possible Bluebird canadian bottle ?

    I have some blue bird bottles. Some of them have a bird with a top hat, and some are without a top hat. Most are U.S. made, but one of the blue bird bottles is Canadian made (Consumers Glass Company). That Canadian one, and one of the U.S. made ones has the top hat.
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    New sodas to add to the collection

    The soda water is beautiful! I like Star Boys. I think the prices you paid are fine.
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    Finally new shelves to display some Cobalt Blues.

    Beautiful blue museum!!! I hope you have some clear museum putty under those bottles. It reminds me of bowling alley pins.
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    US Soda Bottles purchased at Canadian Auction (Help)

    I will look for one of those Polar Club bottles ;-)
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    Some New Soda Additions...

    OK, I think I understand. I collect only decos too. Many ginger beers do not have very decorated glass; they're just textured and colored straightsides. There are a few though, that have decorated glass, so I have them. I consider Ace Ginger Beer and Broadway Dry to be good decos, along with the...
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    Paper Label - Worth Collecting? Curious what the view is.

    Those are very fine collections you have! Even the prices on those large bottles are amazing. As you probably know, ephemera is a category of antique; old paper items. Paper is very ephemeral, especially after it's discarded. Paper bottle labels definitely an interesting part of history.
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    Date this Paper Label Pepsi?

    I bought a deco bottle once with an obvious wrong cap on it. I was suspicious. I opened the package when my wife and my neighbor were watching. I got the bottle out of the packing material. I said well, here is the big moment, as i pried the bottle top off the bottle. Sure enough! There was a...

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