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    Decent finds

    Went for a couple digs with my two buddies last week, and I’d say we were pretty successful. One dump was loaded with Saratoga mineral waters. Only 3 came out intact but all said and done there was 3 dark amber star springs, 3 dark olive green DA Knowlton, 1 olive green clark and white, 3...
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    Stubby jug shaped bottle

    I’ve got one here that I can’t really figure out. It’s stubby, and very heavy. Stands about 5” tall and almost 3” wide at the base. Was dug this past summer, and most everything else coming out of the same hole was pontil age. This is a little newer, my guess is 1870s. Dark amber color, tooled...
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    Magnetic mineral water bottle info

    I recently acquired another mineral water bottle to add to my collection. I cannot find any info on this one, not in any of my books or online. I did a search in the forums and did come across one thread but there was very little info, so if anyone has any info on value or anything I’d...

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