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    Help in identifying bottle 75 embossed on front

    Dug this bottle yesterday, only marking are on the bottom front, it has the number 75 embossed. The color is almost an iridescent brown. The seam goes all the way to the top. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Advice for digging an old textile mill

    Anyone have experience or suggestions when digging an old cotton textile mill. Built in 1883, it was operational until 2001. So far what I have found dates to the early 1900's but I feel like I have not found the golden spot yet.
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    Bob o link

    [attachment=image(LL).jpg] I read some previous posts on here about the Bob O Links soda bottle and saw a few on ebay. Everyone had a city listed on the bottom but I found one and it has nothing embossed on the bottom. Anyone know why or any other information on this bottle?[attachment=image.jpg]
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    Dug this ginger ale last weekend

    Cool ginger ale from Greer SC. Ponders Chick Springs pale dry Ginger Ale
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    Dr. Herrings ginger ale

    Picked this bottle up yesterday since it was from a close town in South Carolina, Gafffney. I had never soon one before.
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    Cod liver oil bottle

    I know it is not very old but I dug this bottle up this weekend and thought it was very cool.
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    Wolf's Head Oil Glass Jar

    Dug these up in Newberry SC. According to my gas and oil friends, these are very uncommon. Most have the paper labels, that are usually missing but the embossed logo on the bottom makes it usual.
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    2 liter glass soda bottles....outrageous prices?

    I have seen on ebay (2) 2 liter, glass, green, Mountain Dew soda bottles. Both screw top, one has no label whatsoever, the other has the styrofoam label almost completely torn away. The first bottle with no label is listed at $150.00 and the second one with the label torn away is $395.00 These...
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    Anyone want to dig near Greenville SC?

    Anyone available to dig near Greenville SC?
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    Great Grambling Bros Landrum SC embossed 1 pint Milk bottle

    will send some pictures when I get back home.
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    Lime cola bottle bottling company of SC

    Here is a bottle I cannot find any information. It is 5 1/2 oz, embossed Lime Cola and around the bottom says " Bottling co of SC, Property of Lime Cola.
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    Barber bottles

    Anyone here collect barber bottles and/or hair tonic bottles? I have a great collection and think they are just fun!
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    Second poison bottle...embossed rat on front

    1940's rat poison bottle
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    I have only ever found 2 poison bottles, here is the first

    1 of 2 poisons I have ever found.
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    12 oz hillbilly Mountain Dew.....washed most of the label off.....never knew!

    Ok, I am new hear so be easy. Until recently I was ignorant to the world of ACL bottles. I collect all different types and my number 1 goal was to get those bottles clean so I can't tell you how many ACL's I have scrubbed the labels right off in an effort to get them clean! I do have one Mt. Dew...
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    Better beverages embossed bottle weldon bottling co.

    Does anyone have any information on this bottle. I can not find a thing on this clear embossed bottle

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