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  1. Robby Raccoon

    Pre-Pro Chicago Beer Tray

    I sold this tray a few months ago, but the buyer decided he didn't want it and opened a "not as described" case against me on fleabay. So I lost over $100 USD as I paid outta pocket for the extra shipping cost, signature confirmation, full insurance, and return shipping. It left me very angry to...
  2. Robby Raccoon

    Towar's Wayne County Creamery's Long Reach as a Chain Dairy

    I was searching for any evidence of bottlers in Lapeer County, Mi, before 1930 when I found that Towar's Wayne County Creamery had operations in Lum and Imlay City, many miles from their headquarters. Surprisingly, I didn't see a reference to them in Lapeer, but I suppose Lapeer County Creamery...
  3. Robby Raccoon

    Medieval Glass

    I don't post much anymore because I don't really collect much anymore; but I collected these over a couple years. They're medieval Islamic, one Byzantine, and one unknown in origin. Mostly from the later half of the first millennium. I had a few of them authenticated. Before anyone takes...
  4. Robby Raccoon

    Privy Location on 1850s Farm?

    1850s farm house (A). 3/4 Cape Cod in style with a door on each wall; plank construction settler's cabin. Original barn burned (E). Lots of stuff around it. Historically, it was a cattle farm with some crops on original 40 acres. In my opinion, the most likely location of the privy is...
  5. Robby Raccoon

    Cocker Spaniel Sulfide

    Found under an addition to our house. Rough shape, sadly. Definitely a cocker spaniel. Any way to get it out without damage to the dog?
  6. Robby Raccoon

    Crafts for children: Lightning Ball Painting

    The arrow was beginning to rust too much and the pony was terribly tarnished, so I figured I'd polish and paint them. Same with the rod holders. Then I had the idea, why not paint the otherwise plain balls too? I figured it'd be a fun project for children (I have 6 nephews and nieces) so I...
  7. Robby Raccoon

    1940s Pepsi Radio

    I thought this (Click) 1940s Pepsi radio was pretty cool. The tuning dial is the bottle cap! Found this while researching an old radio I picked up. Too bad it wasn't this one! :p
  8. Robby Raccoon

    Weird Bottle Top from Milwaukee - Zwietusch

    Antique store and thrift store finds. Both probably 1870s-1880s. The Otto Zwietusch bottle from Milwaukee is definitely the more interesting of the two. It even has what looks like a redish inclusion which does not appear to be dirt or rust in a chip. Definitely a bottle for the wizard of...
  9. Robby Raccoon

    Not Great, But Atypical

    Nothing great, but an intact globe and oil lamp, and an old crock with all three pieces were found in the mud and rot around a house that collapsed down toward a creek. Atypical, which spices things up, but not the greatest finds ever. Most of the bottles were 40s to 60s.
  10. Robby Raccoon

    Mid-1800s Fabric and Wall Paper!

    As we tear open the walls and rip down the plaster put up starting in the 1870s, we keep finding fabric shoved in the walls-- used as chinking in the cabin-- and behind the wall paper (with a penned in date of February 1862 on one seam) which is itself behind 1860s and 1870s newspapers and...
  11. Robby Raccoon

    20 Gal. Pictorial Crock

    With permission I was exploring a junk yard that sat abandoned for a few decades. In the woods I found this. I pulled it out and one of the gentlemen were kind enough to help me pack it back uphill to the trail and gave me it for a low price on account of the damage. I'll likely put a liner in...
  12. Robby Raccoon

    Terracotta Jug Origin & Age?

    Anyone know an origin and approximate age on this large terracotta jug? It's about 14 inches tall and 9 inches across from the tips of the handles. It is made with some sort of fibers in the clay itself. The slip has mostly deteriorated. I picked it up on FB Marketplace from a man who said it...
  13. Robby Raccoon

    Bears Oil, Labeled & Pontiled

    C. 1840s-1850s labeled Bear's Oil bottle. Blown in a hinge mold, it feautures trace iron residue in its pontil scar and a serifed embossed"M" of the unknown glass-maker on the back heel. Purportedly, this came out of New Jersey. Just got this one in the mail today. I put in a max bid in the...
  14. Robby Raccoon

    Mid 1800s Glasshouse "M" Question

    In short, what is the Eastern American glasshouse that embossed their bottles with a serifed M at the heel? The bases of their flat sided aqua utility bottles seem to always have a pontil and were done in a hinge mold. The lip seems to always be rolled and the bottles are of similar height...
  15. Robby Raccoon

    Dutch Onion with Swirl!

    The only bottle I picked up at the West Michigan bottle show. C. 1720-1760 "Dutch onion" bottle like that which Jack Sparrow might have drank from if he were real. It features an amber swirl wrapping around it two and a half times from an inclusion in the neck which is next to a large bubble...
  16. Robby Raccoon

    02/29/20 (Sat) West Michigan Bottle Show Grand Rapids

    Saturday February 29th (Leap Year 2020) is the West Michigan Bottle Show at the Fonger's American Legion Club in Walker (Grand Rapids), Michigan. The address is 2327 Wilson Ave. (SW) 49534. Doors open at 10 AM and the show packs up at 2 PM. Admission is $3 to help cover the costs of the show...
  17. Robby Raccoon

    WTS Cosmopoliet Dutch Gin

    Putting this one up for sale now that I'm done enjoying it myself. :) Most of these say J.J. Melchers WZ, but not this one. Great color. Definitely worth a tumble for a proud top-shelf display. Picked it up in Wa. Not only did it survive crossing the ocean, but also off-roading in Wyoming as I...
  18. Robby Raccoon

    Who Coined The Term?

    While collecting bottles has been an American hobby since the days of historic flasks, bottling collecting as we understand it today only goes back to the late 1950s. Since then, a number of collector terms have been coined by collectors. While we all understand these terms today and use them in...
  19. Robby Raccoon

    Really Old Bowl?

    I'm having difficulty trying to figure out a time and place this bowl came from. It was made on a wheel, has uneven earthen deposits, and has a ringed foot. The paint is faded as is indicated by better paint under what was wet terracotta that chipped away, having preserved the coloring for a...
  20. Robby Raccoon

    Happy Thanksgiving! Celebrate with Bromo-Caffeine!

    A C. 1920 still full bottle of Bromo-Caffeine to wake you up after your Tryptophan-induced coma from all that turkey! Embossed "Bromo-Caffeine" and featuring a tooled top! Have a great holiday, and count your blessings.

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