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  1. FreeRangeAsparagus

    Advice for locating a dump site?

    Hi folks, I am very lucky to have been given access to the property of some 1880's farmland before it is sold. The owners tell me there is a dumpsite on the property but they aren't sure where. I am bringing my metal detector but farther than that, I am unsure of how to proceed to locate it...
  2. FreeRangeAsparagus

    Charles River in October - Whiskey, Cokes, and a Slug!

    I finally found time last Friday to hit the river one last time before winter kicks in. Even with a wetsuit, the water was frigid. Who would have guessed? Swimming in the Charles in October might be a little cold. We've had so little rain over the past month that the Charles is very low. In some...
  3. FreeRangeAsparagus

    Pretty sure this is before 1900, need a second opinion

    I pulled this bottle sometime this year in the Charles River. Initially, I threw it in a bag with my other slicks but I rescued it from the recycling when I sorted through. I can't find a seam anywhere on the bottle and the neck is a little weird. Plus the air bubbles are long and stretched...
  4. FreeRangeAsparagus

    July's Trip - Partials and Sodas

    The last time I went picking was July. Work has been so hectic, I haven't been since. I'm hoping I can go once more before the water gets too cold. Mostly slicks and partials but I got a few good ones. Jensen's Wayside Dairy, Shrewsbury Partial J. Cahm & Son, Boston Shawmut Ginger Ale...
  5. FreeRangeAsparagus

    Shawmut Soda Bottle

    I have found two bottles that say "Shawmut" on the side. They were produced by P.J. McCarthy & Sons out of Sherborn MA and couldn't have been any later than 1941 as that company shut down when the US' involvement in WWII began. P.J. McCarthy & Sons started in 1912 and was mainly a cider mill...
  6. FreeRangeAsparagus

    Headed out

    I’ve recovered from my swimmer’s ear and I’m headed out for the first time in weeks. There have been some pretty major thunderstorms since I was last on the river, so hopefully that means some new stuff has blown in. I have a whole day of bottles I never posted about, including my first...
  7. FreeRangeAsparagus

    Caught Swimmer’s Ear

    Guess that’s what I get for swimming in the Charles. On my third day with it, got all my stuff from the doc but the pain is excruciating. Keeps me up at night, max dose ibuprofen doesn’t help. It feels like someone’s driving a threaded screw through my eardrum infinitely. Any tips on quelling...
  8. FreeRangeAsparagus

    Yesterday’s River Dig

    97 full 129 partial I feel like I could pull bottles for 8 hours every day for 10 years and there would still be bottles in there.
  9. FreeRangeAsparagus

    Good guide for dating “blank” bottles?

    Title says most of it. I’ve been bagging all the full bottles without embossing that I come across and they’re starting to pile up. I must have close to 400 in a corner. I asked here last year about what I should do with them, throw them out or keep them. Consensus was someone will want them...
  10. FreeRangeAsparagus

    Biggest haul of my life, 87 bottles!

    Hi folks, Last week I said “I think my usual spot is running out.” I’m not sure I could have been more wrong if I tried. Saturday I was just getting into the water when someone told me a girl lost her phone upstream by the railroad bridge. I told myself the bottles will always be here and...
  11. FreeRangeAsparagus

    Crock Jugs

    For a while, I had a good run of pulling either a whole or a partial jug from the mud every time I went out picking on the river. The streak has broken but I was wondering if anyone recognizes these jugs and has any information about them. I am missing individual photos for the fourth jug, I've...
  12. FreeRangeAsparagus

    WM Albrecht Bottles

    I pulled this bottle from the Charles River in Massachusetts two years ago. I had a very tough time finding information about it but there seems to be a handful of them floating around and I'd like to make this post to collect all the information I've found. A newspaper clipping from 1903...
  13. FreeRangeAsparagus

    J&G Meakin Matching Tea Set

    Hi folks, Last year I had a bunch of awesome trips, including a few times where I went 3 or more days in a row. One of those times, I started out on a Saturday, pulled a bunch of bottles and one teacup with a green design. I went again Sunday and pulled more bottles, then I went on Monday and...
  14. FreeRangeAsparagus

    Charles River 6/8/20

    I went back to my usual spot hoping the water would be clearer. It was sort of. Clarity went from 6 inches to about 1.5 feet. I had mediocre finds the whole time until I was swimming back to get out. Then I pulled 4 bottles and a jar from the same spot. Here's the haul. This was everything I...
  15. FreeRangeAsparagus

    [Boston, Massachusetts] Looking for a partner to snorkel or SCUBA rivers with

    I get the majority of my bottles from the Charles River. My usual spot is seemingly starting to run out. I guess it was bound to happen after 8 years, but it's still sad. I'd like to continue dredging bottles from rivers but I'm unfamiliar with the process of finding new spots and would love...
  16. FreeRangeAsparagus

    First two trips of the year - Charles River, MA

    Mornin folks, been a while since I posted last. I took my first two trips to my personal spot on the Charles River about a week apart. The first trip was a little above average. I netted 20 bottles and jars, as well as 16 partials. Notable finds for the trip are a measuring cup, a French's...
  17. FreeRangeAsparagus

    Digging a river, anyone else have experience?

    I've been digging bottles from the Charles River for a while now. It's been off and on but recently I've ramped it up and gone several times this past week. My questions revolve around the current, clarity, and digging. This part of the Charles is safe to swim but the current is relatively...
  18. FreeRangeAsparagus

    Nocafeen Bottle

    This is a bottle I fished out of the Charles a few years ago. I have found almost nothing about it online, even here there is only one thread about it from 2006. Apart from that there are a handful of old eBay listings, but they are all dead links or they link to the results page for "caffeine."...
  19. FreeRangeAsparagus

    Last Thursday and Saturday's finds from the river

    Picked up some common, but still fun stuff from the river this past Thursday, Saturday, and earlier today. Here's a picture of what I pulled on Thursday. Notable finds are Mrs. Chapin's Salad Dressing from ~1915, Dr. Swett's Root Beer, Carr China with a Willowware pattern, and the partial...
  20. FreeRangeAsparagus

    Any point in keeping blank pre-1900 bottles?

    I have quite a few pre-1900 bottles with no markings lying around, is there any interest in these? If someone wants them I would be glad to send them, but I imagine interest is low. Here's a photo. They haven't been cleaned yet as I usually just throw them out.

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