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    Big time

    Any info on this big time 14oz bottle.From Florida
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    I’m speechless

    I agree i would rather have it be faded then botched like that the " min contents..."was definatley added also
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    "full bottles"

    not really a scam but i have noticed ebayers selling Old soda bottles "full" there was a few i was interested in i asked the seller a question, are these original never opened and recapped. he said he dos'nt describe them that way and is not sure. I started looking at more of his bottles and...
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    exactly what i was going to say a nice decco bottle from the about the 20's
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    Federal law prohibits.....bottlesthat's all

    Is there a collectors market for these bottles yet i pulled yet another out of the river will post a picture after i remove the algea. this one has the FED LAW..........embossed on it and it also says "it's Wilson that's all" on it i reseached it a littl e and appears that was Wilson's...
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    More from the stream

    Great Finds I have in the past had great luck in rivers and streams one in particular (Pawtuxet river)I have rescued over 200 bottles. Good luck and good hunting
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    Beginner finding more bottles than info: are these catsup bottles?

    Yep that's the truth with the may be onto an old restaurants dump site..
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    Any Info On this Bottle and its age

    Anyone Know about this bottle looks like it was wrapped in a football skin. Thinking 1950's but not sure sorry its sideways
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    Pontiac hub cap

    Thanks for the fee
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    Pontiac hub cap

    Found this in the river not a big deal but wondering what year this would be from it cleaned up well

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