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  1. Merle

    Getting a tumbling machine

    Found a deal on a tumbling machine that’s homemade. It can then 7 bottles at a time. Gonna go pick it up Saturday morning and will be firing it right up when I get home. It comes with everything including cleaning powders to last me a lifetime. The only weird thing is it don’t have different...
  2. Merle

    New to collection

    Found a cool one for the shelf today
  3. Merle

    Is this one old

    Picked this bottle up at a yard sale a couple years ago and wasn’t sure if it was old or not. Has a snap pontil that’s really sharp but not much ware.
  4. Merle

    Mineral waters

    Started picking up just the plain no name mineral water bottles. I think their cool
  5. Merle

    St. Louis bottle show

    Anyone going

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