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    Fisher's Root Beer Bottle-Dayton Oh.

    I can't find any information about this. Bottom says Duraglas 9 48 Back of bottle says carbonated water, caramel color added, contents 12 Oz.
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    Barn Find - Bottles from 40s, 50s, 60s?

    take care cleaning the hillbilly mountain dews with names on them.also the indian head & any picture bottles. they are probably the most valuable bottles you pictured.
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    7up carton and bottle

    yes those cartons are very nice
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    Hitching post foods bottle, Savannah Ga.

    Ok We tried again. Hope you can see them now.
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    Hitching post foods bottle, Savannah Ga.

    This is what the cap looks like .Anyone seen this bottle before ? It may have contained salad dressing ?
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    Finally got an Artic Beverages Bottle !!!!!

    Is this the same Artic bottling that has a polar bear on some of it's bottles ?
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    found a 16 oz Pepsi Swirl bottle

    When I was in my early 20's I would drink 2 or 3 a day in the summer !
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    Help with origin of a milk bottle

    I acquired a qt. milk bottle from Harrisville Dairy on front. The back has a picture of a man with a bottle washing machine & says "We clean bottles with the most modern washer" , Paint is orange pyro. Thank you.
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    The Most Interesting Bottle I've Found In The Wild

    Did they get a flask of Whiskey for Graduation ? LOL ! Did you find this bottle in Indiana ? There was a Anchor Plant in Winchester Ind.
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    help with jar

    It looks somewhat like a jumbo peanut butter jar ,referred to a " fishbowl " jar, but those are only 8-9" tall. but are marked & shaped the same.
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    Medicine Bottle

    They must have liked their alcohol ! LOL .
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    Can anyone help me identify this jar ? Thank you.

    It is about a quart jar in size. Thank you.

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