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    Digging at work. 2 finds!

    Working for the courthouse ( County (Maintenance) we are doing some big jobs at the moment. The building itself was built in 1929 and finished on 1931.. behind it back then was a housing district. Now behind it is a parking lot and the Health dept. We dug up a 5x5 concrete square so we could put...
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    Fred Harvey “Bottle”

    Hello. Awhile back I bought a bunch of local kansas items. Mainly state fair stuff.. but in this box was this Fred Harvey bottle. Newton KS is about 25 min from hutch. Supposedly Fred Harvey had a bottle plant and even bottled Coke back back in the day. I don’t have much info and I’m even sure...
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    Brandimist cola sign

    Hello! Thanks for letting me in this wonderful group!! I got this sign today. What’s the age? Sadly it’s cut. Not sure of a value Thanks!!

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