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    Fisher's Root Beer Bottle-Dayton Oh.

    I can't find any information about this. Bottom says Duraglas 9 48 Back of bottle says carbonated water, caramel color added, contents 12 Oz.
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    Help with origin of a milk bottle

    I acquired a qt. milk bottle from Harrisville Dairy on front. The back has a picture of a man with a bottle washing machine & says "We clean bottles with the most modern washer" , Paint is orange pyro. Thank you.
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    Medicine Bottle

    My new medicine bottle : Probably holds about 16-20 oz. It is a Dr. Samuel B. Hartman & Co., Columbus, Ohio (ca. 1870-ca. 1940) Born on April 1, 1830, Samuel B. Hartman graduated from Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, in March 1857. Around 1867, Hartman acquired the rights for Mishler’s...
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    Eaton Ohio Milk Bottles

    Hello, Does anyone on here have any Eaton, or Preble Co. Ohio Milk Bottles in their collections ? Thanks.

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