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  1. NJ_Bottle_Digger

    milk glass weird spout

    Odol was the first commercially produced antiseptic mouthwash, created c1892 by a German named Karl Lingner. By the early 1900s it was made in England as well. Odol is a concentrate, so to use, add a couple of drops to a cup of water and gargle. I was able to remove the cap without damage. It...
  2. NJ_Bottle_Digger

    Why does the search not work?

    Every search I try in the forums: Oops! We ran into some problems. The requested page could not be found.
  3. NJ_Bottle_Digger

    Ancient muffin? No, this is serious.

    My dig group found something similar, except it weighs about 60 pounds. We think it's old cement left to dry in an iron bucket that has since gone.
  4. NJ_Bottle_Digger

    New to this cool hobby - north NJ

    There once was a historic 1700s Mandeville home in Pompton Plains NJ. By 1900 it had become the Mandeville Inn. It was a high-end place; it survived Prohibition (guess how?) but not the Depression. Like many hotels, they buried their trash. And I'm in two groups who have teamed up to unearth it...

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