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    Cleaning out a shelf of stuff - should I throw these out?

    My 2 sense. Put them in the attic with a note for the kids to find in 20 yrs or so.
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    Some Stuff

    BTW. I like what AB has done to the site since I have been absent. Here's another tiny bottle for your viewing pleasure. Has a chipped lip but I love irt anyways As usual, I wondering what year. But also if this is a pontil. TY
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    Some Stuff

    Now here's the bottles. Not many, but nice color. I know Pond's was started in 1846. But I'm wondering what year this one was made.
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    Some Stuff

    Here's some of what some people call junk. But not I. Myself and 2 others would like to know what the little hook was for. We all know but just can't remember...
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    Big Mouthed Bottle

    Hello folks, Just curious what might have been in this one. Found this in a Ca. mining camp. I'm guessing circa 1880. TY
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    Dump Dilemma

    A firearm in the hands of an untrained person is a recipe for disaster... Period!
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    Dump Dilemma

    But I know how and when to use them...Not everyone should carry arm unless trained on their use.
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    Dump Dilemma

    Or this...
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    Dump Dilemma

    But I may just carry this:
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    Dump Dilemma

    Dave, I think you got your AR's and AK's mixed up. You drinking Tequila too? My AK can fire ever if dropped in the sand. My AR.. Doubtful. My 1911 is holstered and doesn't get dirty. Either way, I can defend myself from crackhead scrappers.
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    Cemetery Dig Part II

    Cemetery? How many people used their loved ones' resting place as a dump??? I know of a few 1880's cemeteries, But Digging there somehow seemes just plain FK'n wrong to me.
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    Post your best Heartbreaker of 2010

    It's broken... Can I have it??? [:D]
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    Dump Dilemma

    I open carry a 1911 where legal myself. No telling what kind of idiot you may encounter in the woods or desert. Damned shame. If I am panning, The 1911 is accompanied by either an AR-15 W/30 round mags or an AK-47 with a 75 Rnd drum. Hope I never have to use either....
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    WTF is this???

    Oh.. Forest rats. Those suckers get BIG! They can stand upon their hind legs and bite you on the knee. Great targets for the AR-15, But I have never eaten one. Now I'm curious...Does Garlic help? Or do you soak them in salt water to kill the wild taste?
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    WTF is this???

    LOL. Haven't found any launch keys... Yet. You would be amazed what you can find on old Government ranges... P.S. I did have the grenade dissarmed by a friend that was Special Ops. I may be dumb, But I'm not stupid!
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    WTF is this???

    Opossum is greasy, Not bad though. But rats? Not much meat on them... I've eaten Rattlesnake before, It wondered into our camp looking for the rabbit I just skinned. We had BBQ'ed bunny and roasted rattler for dinner. Never had a rat for dinner though. Do they taste like chicken too?
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    Dump Dilemma

    Why don't you make a deal with them. They keep the metal and you keep the bottles. Just tell ask to dig carefully and to let you know whenever they find glass. You will do the same if you find metal. Just don't tell them that some bottles are worth more than steel!
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    Rare western med? Matt?

    All these Nor Cal diggers... If you need some muscle. Please let me know. SJ area. Will travel. We could learn from each other. Who knows what we may find...
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    old dark green bottle

    Wish I was an expert... But I believe the 2 is liter measurement. That bubble is great! I love glass that has survived 150 years! Wish I could tell you more.
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    twenty dollar pick up

    Ahhh...Choke...20 bucks? Cough,cough....Beautiful.. I would LOVE to have that in my collection. How did this happen? Finding a pontil in Ca. is difficult. I'm Sooo jelous...

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