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    Anyone going to the show tomorrow in Dryden NY ?
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    new glass

    Found this at an yard sale a week or so ago..hope you enjoy..
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    new local

    this blobs mold must of been ice cold..loaded with whittle & bubbles... hope you enjoy michael
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    new sign

    Picked up this metal sign. SWEEET!!! has some small rust spots on it. Will they get larger or can they be removed, or should I just leave it alone. Any help would be appreciated. Michael
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    Hey folks.... still snowing here... Beautiful fresh snow!! hope you enjoy.. Michael
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    50 state hutch display shelf

    Happy Thanksgiving all.. Thought I would post a photo of my hutch shelf in progress. Step 1 complete....~The thirteen on the top shelf will be the original colonies~.... I will be adding a white background to it in the near future..... Enjoy
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    my newest one...

    embossing is sweet....
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    added these to my collection recently.........enjoy..michael
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    todays finds

    out today ..picked up these 2 pontils..
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    new variant

    I also picked up a new variant of a pretty scarce blob,,,,, JY Parker.. Eldred NY..(Sullivan County NY)
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    New hutches

    added a few hutches to my collection..enjoy first a couple state capitals..... Jefferson City Mo.
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    HUTCH BOOK IS READY (no pics)

    As of Sept 3,2012 the hutch book has ALL the known listing catalogued.. AWESOME LISTINGS!!!! check it out!!! Michael
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    Enfield Conn. Show

    Anyone heading to the show this Sunday.....i can't seem to get enough of these bottle shows!!!! [:D]
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    This is funny!!!!

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    Idaho Territory hutch

    WOAH!!!! It ended for more than I expected.......
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    Hecklers- March 5

    NICE EAGLE!!!!!!
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    Found a new place today....Added a few to my collection... First a Geo N Hembot crown, Monticello NY...another addition to my Sullivan County NY collection......enjoy
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    Well I finally bit the bullet and shelled out some cash for a bottle that I have been wanting for a while!!!!! A D.T. Cox from Port Jervis.. Hope you enjoy.. Michael
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    new year

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    SOME LIP CHIP!!!!!!!!!

    Crazy stuff..........

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