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    J.T. ORD Stoneware Bottle

    Bought this stoneware bottle at a local auction. I am having trouble locating any info on it. I will try to attach a photo.
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    1915 Coca Cola Error Bottle

    I was cleaning my 1915 Patent Coca Cola bottles when I found one with a mold error. The "9" in the 1915 date more closely resembles a "7" than a "9". There is no loop in the 9 , just a straight line across the top. I can't figure out how to load a photo on this new computer. Just wondering if...
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    Need Help With Pepsi Cola Bottle

    I found this partial paper label Pepsi Cola bottle at an Antique Mall today. Not much of the paper label left, but just couldn't pass it up. I have several of this style without any trace of a label. The bottle is not a Duraglass like[attachment=3-28-15 001.JPG] [attachment=3-28-15 003.JPG]...
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    Small Poison Collection

    [attachment=3-17-15 001.JPG] Not Much, but all of these were dug at dumps[attachment=3-17-15 002.JPG] [attachment=3-17-15 003.JPG]
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    Sharpe and Dohme

    I would assume that this is a Sharpe and Dohme Poison with the x's on both sides. Any info on this one? Dug it Tuesday at the dump.. Buster[attachment=3-14-2015 134.JPG] [attachment=3-14-2015 135.JPG]
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    Another Surprise From The Ol Dump

    I had about an hour Tuesday to do a little digging at the dump. Lots of roots in this area of the dump and the rust layer is like cement. Most of the bottles in this area are broken. About four feet down I saw this green bottle.[attachment=3-14-2015 123.JPG] [attachment=3-14-2015 124.JPG]...
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    Any Ideas On This?

    Found this at the last dig at the dump. At first I thought that it was some type of carpenters marking chalk. But when I cleaned it, it seems to be made of stone, ceramic, or something. Any ideas? Buster[attachment=001.JPG] [attachment=002.JPG]
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    Rainy Day At The Ol Dump

    Today it was drizzling rain, but wasn't too cold. I was able to squeeze in an hour dig before heading out to the remodling project. I decided to try a different approach today. Rather than dig in the previously dug area, I started a hole parallel to the dug area.It was about four feet to the...
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    Rainy Day Detecting

    It's pouring down rain outside and I'm tearing out a floor in the house I bought across the street from my Daughter when I get an idea. Hey, the metal detector is in the truck. So after the floor is removed I start detecting the crawl space. Nails, nails and more nails. After I finally get...
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    Surprise From The Ol Dump

    I have dug in this dump for many years off and on. Found a few hours lately to do a little digging. This dump was partially dug years ago, but the diggers did not dig to the bottom in some areas. Some places have three feet of dirt piled on top.[attachment=2-17-15 003.JPG] [attachment=2-17-15...
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    Skull and Crossbones poison from the Ol Dump

    Found this small poison today at the old dump that I dig at. I almost tossed this one into the discard pile, thinking that it was just a plain small cobalt. Glad that I took a closer look.[attachment=2-17-15 009.JPG] [attachment=2-17-15 011.JPG] [attachment=2-17-15 012.JPG]
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    Back To The Ol Dump

    [attachment=2015-01-05 009.JPG] [attachment=2015-01-05 010.JPG] [attachment=2015-01-05 011.JPG] I've been digging this old TOC-30's Dump for years. Been a couple years since I've dug there . The creek is too high to do any looking there. I just had the itch and found a little time to throw a...
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    Four Roses Bottle

    [attachment=2015-02-05 003.JPG] [attachment=2015-02-05 001.JPG] [attachment=2015-02-05 002.JPG] Found this Paul Jones Four Roses bottle at an Antique Mall. It's embossed New Protective Bottle Adopted July 1914. Paul...
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    Towar's Wayne County Creamery

    Milk picked up this weekend at an Antique Mall. Anyone have any idea where Wayne County is? [attachment=002.JPG] [attachment=003.JPG] [attachment=005.JPG]
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    Old Posts

    Is there a way that old posts from the " Blue Pages" can be pulled up?
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    Geared Corona Corn Mill

    I needed something to grind whole corn into something that the chickens and ducks could eat. I found this vintage Corona Corn Mill at a local antique mall. I have searched the net and cannot find any info on one with gears. Just wondering if anyone on the forum had ever seen one with gears.
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    Dig Site Put on Hold

    An old building owned by the city had a wall to collapse making the building unsafe. So the city rented a trackhoe and pushed down the remaining walls. It looked like a good place to dig once the debris was hauled off. I made sure I had all the permissions to dig. Mayor says it's OK...
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    Wooden Cigar Box Lid leads to History Lesson

    For the past year, since my retirement, I have been busy remodeling an early 1900s house. A better description is that I am completely rebuilding under a new roof. Last week I was tearing out the attic floor when this fell out. A wooden cugar box lid from the 1930s.
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    Need Help on R C Bottle

    I picked up a 1 Pint 12 Ounce Diamond Royal Crown bottle from the local Antique Mall yesterday. I'm having a hard time locating info on this size R C bottle. I remember seeing some information years ago, but I can't locate it now. Ant info on when this bottle was used would be appreciated...
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    Coca Cola Crates from Antique Mall

    Found two Red Wave Coca Cola crates at a local Antique Mall. Both were filled with 75th Anniv. Coca Cola Bottles from Savannah Ga. Dated 1977. Hope the pic comes out ok

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