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    Greenville Tn

    Just moved to Greenville Tn.. would like to dig dumps if anyone would be kind enough to let me go with them.. I been a member of this forum for quite a while.. Hope to be digging soon
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    York Pa Bottle Show

    Can anyone tell me How many vendors an how much they will be charging for the York show this coming weekend? If someone has a flyer to post that would be awesome..Thanks
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    Citron Perfect seal

    I picked up a what I beleive is a quart size Citron MADE IN CANADA Sheild Perfect Seal.. Can't find this in RB #9 OR #10..Has anyone ever seen this Jar in Citron or is it a very scarce color??? thanks.. btw is is full of seeds
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    Gitt's Milk

    Anyone know where I can find a value for Gitt's dairy of Littlestown Pa? bought 2 today want to compare prices, hopefully I didn't over spend... I bought a orange pryo glazed quart an a embossed slug plate pint
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    Stinson shoe full label

    I picked this up a few weeks ago.. can anyone give me around about value? I had no clue of it's value just knew full labels are rare
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    I found this a few weeks ago at a yardsale, about pooped me self when I seen it...
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    Need help with color an RB#

    I picked this up yesterday I think the person selling it thought it was green yellow..but it has Amber swirls at top an bottom.. so can someone please help me... [attachment=205.JPG] [attachment=208.JPG] [attachment=208.JPG]
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    Christmas Coke Hobbleskirt

    I have a dec 25 1923 coca cola hobbleskirt.. someone told me it's a scare find an worth some bucks... is this true? if so what is price range??
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    Jacksonville 1/2 pint milk

    I am wondering if anyone on this forum has knowelege to the rarity an value for this 1/2 pint milk? Its a H.W.GRAY. Jacksonville ,Fla 1/2 pint
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    Jacksonville FLa 1/2 pint

    I picked this up on a wimp yesterday at flea market.. Anyone know the rarity an value? it's a H.W.GRAY JACKSONVILLE FLA 1/2 PINT
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    old news but new to me

    I went looking for a milk bottle on Papurple an the link wasn't no I tried to use a google search an came up with this .. If you are a former customer of Mr. Ralph Riovo, and/or his website, "The Purple Cow"; you may (or may not) be aware of his untimely passing, on May 4, 2012...
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    Need advise cleaning

    Some of you may remember I posted I bought case Gins on Sunday One has a oilly tar sticky like substance on the inside anyone have a way to safely clean the crap out of this bottle?
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    Case Gin

    can someone give me some info on case gins? I picked up a box of 5 for a really good price.. what I am wondering is how rare are Dark Amber ? an Citron? nop pics cause they ned to take a bath will be soakin for atleast 3 days
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    Epack?? Paterson NJ?

    EPACKAGE I sent you a PM about a Paterson NJ bottle did you get it?? Sorry all for interrupting the forum...
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    I bought what looks to be a masonlid with what a appears to read KartKrack..didn't see anything in redbook.. anyone have info on this?? thanks
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    Sycamore Farms round FL MILK

    I picked up a Round embossed Sycamore Farm F.L. Greenaway dairy in a round slugplate pint today it's Ribbed.. I have no clue about this bottle.. it's not much online about the bottle anyone here know anything about it? I 'll get pics ASAP
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    Vintage beer cans

    I would first like to say I am sorry to post these here,but I didn't know what forum to post them in.. I know very lil about beer cans Hoping Leon could help me..
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    what color would you call this??

    I am having trouble with this color..I don't think it would be aqua I am thinking more in the blue color range...
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    Is this a RB#2043?

    I was just lookin at a jar I had for awhile an noticed it had a micro 4 an there is a period after 1858. on it.. it'a clear ,smooth lip quart can someone with more experince tell me the RB #?
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    hazel atlas jelly jars need help please

    I just picked up 4 hazel atlas jelly jars..what I need help with is where would these be located in the RB#10 BOOK? I'm sure they are in there just don't know where to look...

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