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    Accepting offers on U.S.A. hospital bottle

    I have decided to accept offers on this cobalt U.S.A. hospital bottle. It is one of the larger oval molds at almost 7" tall and it is the scarcer wide mouth variety. It does have some haze and has a light coat of oil in the pictures but other than a scratch, that would polish out with a tumble...
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    I NEED this bottle intact

    Here is a recent dig that while I am excited to have found and will have repaired, has me on renewed mission to obtain. I have done a good bit of digging around the country and have been blessed with some good bottles but a sided pontilled soda from my small little hometown is my white whale...
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    Arkansas crier!

    Dug these shards out of a dump recently. Id never imagined a Saratoga type mineral water from Arkansas, of all places. It goes to show you never know what will come out of the ground. To add insult to injury, several common green Congress Waters have shown up.
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    Any Illinois,Indiana, or Mo. diggers wanna dig this weekend?

    I havent been out much lately. Looking to get into some pits this weekend and my partner is on vacation. Have shovel,will travel. Can dig my neck of the woods or a road trip is always fun too. Anyone interested? No permissions, no problem. I am pretty resourceful.
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    Thank you to the Bradford gang

    Just wanted to give a big thanks to a few forum members in Bradford Pa.. On my way through New York on my way to New Hampshire to attend a funeral with my ex wife and children, I notice some Transmission fluid puddling under my ex's car. Totally exhausted and after a couple setbacks already I...
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    Hannibal Mo. squat soda

    Dug a squat soda tonight embossed DAVID KLEINDIENST HANNIBAL MO., wondering if anyone knows anything about its rarity?
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    Newark N.Y. squat soda for sale

    I posted this one a while back and decided to take offers on it, talk me out of it,please! No damage but has been cleaned. Embossed LOWREY'S XX NWARK. N.Y.. It is mispelled and was informed it was a fairly scarce bottle in a previous post...
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    Rare Ohio pontilled medicine for sale

    I have decided to turn this nice little pontilled medicine loose. It is 5 3/4" tall and embossed DR.G.W. DENIG CHILLICOTHE O. No damage, there are some in the making flakes around pontil and some very light haze that may clean up better. It is a nice rich "Ohio" aqua and is whittled from top...
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    Looking for info on this pontilled med or sauce?

    This one turned up recently and is the first I have had. It is 10 1/4" tall and iron pontilled. Embossed Collet & Son St. Louis Mo.. Now one of the bottles on my bucket list is a pontilled cathedral peppersauce with the same embossing. I know it is a fairly rare bottle and after talking to...
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    Master inks

    Hey folks, looking to trade for early,pour spout master inks in out of ordinary colors. Any thing Dr. Sheets from Dayton Ohio, including pontilled medicines. Have bottles in most categories to trade. Cant say I collect them, just like them and I am bored and want some new bottles. Pre 1875 or so...
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    New record price for a bottle$240k/ I am not suprised, although wouldn't be in my top 100. It is a piece of Americana and transcends bottle collecting.
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    I, like many of privy diggers out there have been one to believe over the years that diseases and viruses found in privy soil would be long gone in older pits. I was wrong, I have now had two friends suffer acutely from Histoplasmosis, contracted directly while digging in privies in the Ohio...
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    Anybody know where this bottle is from? I was wondering if anyone knew what city this colored druggist actually comes from? I dug one in Chillicothe Ohio several years back. Thanks for any info.
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    Indianapolis Bottle Show

    I know it's a while out yet, but being a newly revived show I wanted to give folks a heads up. This show will certainly be a hit so don't miss out.
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    I'd be rich! Anybody looking for one? I will sell you one with a 99% discount.
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    OP Well's German Liniment

    Picked this one up a few months back at the Belleville,Il. show. It is one of 5 or 6 that was dug in Iowa a few yrs. back, you may have read the story in AB&GC. It is embossed St.Louis Mo. on the backside and the weird part is that none have been turned up through the years and thousands of pits...
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    How do you explain this seam

    I picked this Ayer's cure up awhile back for resale, and noticed it had an additional seam other than the diagonal mold seam going all the way around and over the lip of the bottle. You can see the seem all the way through to the inside also. Any ideas?
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    Recent dig

    I have been real lazy posting digs lately and have only taken a few pics with my phone, but we have started to get back in the digging groove despite the nasty weather. This is a pic of an iron pontilled soda dug a couple weeks ago from a big rockliner. Not much in the hole but a pair of these...
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    Pontilled liniments

    Wondering if anyone has any uncommon pontilled liniments for sale. I have decided to start chasing after these little guys since most of the categories I collect are hard to add to. Especially looking for colored examples of common bottles.
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    Is this one real? I don't think I have ever seen this size in blue and know that there are some Crown China fakes out there but this one looks like it is TOC.

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