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    Some Stuff

    Here's some of what some people call junk. But not I. Myself and 2 others would like to know what the little hook was for. We all know but just can't remember...
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    Big Mouthed Bottle

    Hello folks, Just curious what might have been in this one. Found this in a Ca. mining camp. I'm guessing circa 1880. TY
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    WTF is this???

    Found this hole while exploring an 1890's Mormon settlement in Ca. Most of it is covered up now. What the **** is..Or was it??? It's about the 3' x 7'. But not a typical gravesite or well. I'm LOST! Root cellar maybe? Should I dig it?
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    Mission Soda?

    I liked this one. So I picked her up from alongside the road. Any info?
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    Found this on a rest stop near a local hwy. Just doesn't look like "the real thing". Any info? TIA
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    Mason Marbles. A Story For Ya!

    A few friends of mine were hunting ginseng off the side of a very steep country road (used to be a main road in NC) Well, they found some remnants of an old large truck. Rims, Tires, etc. They got to looking around and found a ton of old Glass marbles, After some research they found that the...
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    Hi Ya'll, I met a guy at a garage sale and we started talking guns. He had some old pistols his father gave him. You should have seen his face when I identified one as an 1875 Colt peacemaker worth upwards of 2k and the second as a WW1 P-38. I guess he was grateful because when old bottles came...
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    Big Ball Jars

    I was taking out the recycle bin at my apt. complex and just happened to look inside. Don't know why because I never bother. These were right on top! Made my day. Any info is appreciated.
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    How do I clean this NY to Cal labeled bottle?

    Nicely tooled top, Nice aqua color, a good number of bubbles. Is this turn of the century or older? I'm thinking 1890-1900 Should I clean it at all? Can you tell which side was up for 100 years?
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    Wow! A label! & Now It's Clean!

    That's what I said when a friend gave me these. He found then in the 2nd floor between stories of an old victorian home.
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    3 Jamica Gingers

    OK. I'm board and am posting 3 of my 140 or so favorite bottles. I sold a duplicate of the Hostetters of these a few years ago on ebay to a collector in pittsburg who later mentioned he had never seen one before. Still haven't found much info on any of these. Little help?
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    Christmas Colors

    Hello All, and Happy Holidays! I haven't been around for awhile. Diggin's really slow lately, but here's a picture of my Christmas decorations. so to speak.
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    My peunie little dig

    Found a bunny creamer. A 1/2 pint mason. And another little paint bottle. Anyone know what is in the milkglass? It's still full, along with the iodine. Still fun diggin'. Even newer stuff.
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    Little London bottle

    Dug this in a turn of the century dump after a half day Tuesday. Winsor & Newton Ltd on one side. Nicely tooled. Any info? Thanks. James
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    Antiques or targets?

    These were in a trash pile on the curb and I couldn't resist saving them. I've noticed that there are alot of experienced people here and I was hoping for some imput. The bowl is very heavy. Leaded glass? The coasters, If they are coasters, Are marked "Geonard" -"Italy" silverplate. The fork and...
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    Got mud?

    More slim diggin', but at least I got out for a while and Dug. The rain here made it easy. These were next to a shattered milk. [:@] [:D]
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    Got out for a while today. Newer stuff, gotta see what's deeper. Never heard of this one. My camera seems to have had a few. But it's not a very photogenic bottle. Anyways-What the heck is this? And whats with the blue circle in the bottom? J.
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    Should I throw this one back?

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    1915 Kerr

    Really slim diggin these days. Hope nobody here is diggin' too deep. I found this in Portola Valley, Ca. and had to ask if it is rare. Not likely, But I had to post something. Chow!
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    Opps, wrong forum. Oh well. Hi Y'all, looks like you've been havin' fun. Can any one tell me about these? Found them in the subway toilet. Not! Actually a friend gave them to me. A 1/2 and 1 pt. Really thick and heavy glass. Light aqua and ABM.

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