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    Kansas City Metro, within an hour of KC

    First off do you have a copy of johnnie fletchers Kansas bottle book and his Missouri bottle book. These are both great books. You will have best luck finding some one to dig with if you join the Facebook group Kansas territory antique bottle and post card group. Attending the annual Hutchinson...
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    Kansas show

    Some more . Also bought around 20 Atchison kansas druggist but took a video and it won't let me upload.
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    Kansas show

    Here are my finds from the kansas show and a few I picked up on the way home.
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    Kansas show

    Any body coming to kansas show. Bring your nebraska bottles.
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    Big chief acl and tecumseh nebraska soda
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    Rare Nebraska blobs for sale
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    Nebraska bottles

    Looking for Nebraska bottles
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    Big Chief Coca-Cola Bottle From Hutchinson KS

    I would say around $20
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    Big Chief ACL Sodas

    There's one of the green Ada's on eBay right now
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    Nebraska bottles

    Just looking to see if anybody has any Nebraska bottles they would like to sale. Thanks Justin
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    Wichita bottling works

    Was told 1880s $150-250 in mint condition
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    Oklahoma Drug Store Bottles by Johnnie Fletcher

    His the page with Johnnie's email and number you can contact him to get books.
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    Nebraska Facebook site

    Created a nebraska group come over and check it out help us grow it
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    I don't have the Kansas book any more but I do remember there being a good long story of the history of this firm I used to have a couple of there early crowns believe they were open up until the 1960s I know there was a lot of travel along along the rail roads back then you can tell the dumps...
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    Wichita bottling works

    I use to have Johnnie Fletcher's Kansas book I know he has an updated book as well, I know there's a couple different variants of this bottle the earliest ones are blobs, is yours a crown top and is Bim or abm and what color give me the info and I will ask for ya.
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    Large 1940's Dump Discovered - Advice?

    I've been to some dumps that were up to 10-15 deep that started with 60s ontop and 1910s at the bottom
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    Oklahoma City Drug Store and Druggist Bottles

    Bf109 you should get you one of Johnnie Fletcher's Oklahoma bottle book, wow Stephen I didn't realize there were that many okc drugs , I've seen a lot you have shown over the years did you do a lot of buying over the years or get in on some good dumps back in the day Stephen gray I tried to join...
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    Altus, Oklahoma Drug Store and Druggist Bottles

    Is the dump down there in altus worth digging still.
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    OKC and Oklahoma Territory Bottles

    Wish I had the money I would buy them up in a heart beat.

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