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    Slug plate beer bottle and the matching pre-prohibition beer Crate

    Picked up this Cleveland pre-pro beer crate to go with one of my Cleveland beer bottles. This is the first one I've come across from one of the little local independent beer bottlers. The only other pre-pro beer crates I've seen have always been from one of the many breweries.
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    Joe Louis acl's

    Thought I'd share my Joe Louis bottles. All 7 ounce, except the 10 ounce on the right. I just picked up the one on the left and was wondering if anybody has ever seen this version? The acl is more squarish and large, and the added bonus is it's also embossed "Joe Louis" on the neck. I...
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    Who knows their antique automobiles?

    I posted this thread about a week ago, but soon after it apparently got deleted during the conversion to the new web site format. Anyway, I got this neat original framed photo. The frame is approximately 12.5 x 14.5", and the photo is at least 7.5 x 9.5 although the matting hides the true...
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    WHERE is my sign from??? Sunset Beverages

    Bought this old Sunset Beverages die cut cardboard sign off ebay, and was wondering if anybody can tell me what CITY it is from? I've found Sunset Beverages or Sunset Bottling Co. or Sunset Bottling Works in:Cleveland, OhioAuburn/Portland, MaineSan Antonio, TexasSeattle, WashingtonBurbank...
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    Royal Crown / Nehi bottle crate

    With all the recent Royal Crown postings on this site, I thought I would share a photo of a recent bottle crate I picked up.... [attachment=IMG_0605.JPG]
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    ACL Test Bottle?

    I picked up this Harshaw Chemical Company acl soda bottle. Harshaw was located in Cleveland, Ohio with quite a bit of history attached to it, like the hand they had in WW2 and the atomic bomb. Here's a link to a web site some old former employees put out. Lots of company...
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    What is this copper thing?

    I've been asking around, but nobody seems to really know. Some guesses have been a slop type bucket, a carrier for coal ash, and some type of urn. But researching any of those suggestions hasn't come up with anything that looks like this. I took it to a couple antique shops, but they...
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    Whiskey bottles in the attic

    Well, it has been awhile since I've come across a stash of bottles, but I hit it big this time. Here's some before photos before cleaning them up.... The big one is a wine.
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    Orange Crush ginger ale paper label bottle

    Found this nice 1930's paper label bottle. Orange Crush Bottling Company, Cleveland, Ohio. Unusual that it has a tax stamp label, like a beer bottle. Awesome pictorial.
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    Syrup glass - what and where?

    Does the name on this etched syrup glass ring a bell with anyone? I had no luck googling. I'm not even sure what it says....... Albain's? Allain's? And, of course, would like to know where it is from. Rick
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    Metal Man

    Anybody got a clue what this is, what it's from? When pushing in the two pins with the springs wrapped around them that protrude from the bottom of its LEFT foot, each one makes a different arm move up and down. It's like a Rock'em Sock'em robot. The pin protruding under the RIGHT foot...
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    Interesting warning label on a medicine

    Just thought I'd share this one, thought it was neat. They used an awfully big warning label on it. Rick
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    My Uncle's marbles

    Somebody offered me $25 for these marbles, and I know nothing about marbles, or if $25 is a fair offer. I'm hoping someone here can tell me? Here's a couple photos. If needed I can take more photos of any that need a better view. Thanks! Rick
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    Neat shaped bottle with label

    Saved these two from the attic of an old house before it was torn down. The one on the left is just an extract bottle, but it is such a weird shaped bottle that I had to post it. Unfortunately what you can't see in the photo is the back, which is cracked and missing chunks of glass...
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    Found another whiskey, Lt. Co. Sir Brodrick Hartwell

    Found another bottle, very nicely preserved under the floorboards. Gold Seal Whisky, "Specially Blended & Bottled for Lt. Col. Sir Brodrick Hartwell". It's ten inches tall, and possibly from around 1915 since other misc. bottles found with it had this date on one of them. Tried to do...
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    Whiskey Bottles found under floorboard - need help on one!

    Anytime I've found these size whiskey type bottles, they always have missing labels. This time I found this group under attic floorboards. I used a seven ounce Squirt for size comparison. I still have to clean them. The bottles are Pre-Pro. The first is 66 Whiskey by Ohio Brandy...
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    NDNR "Sample" Dr. Pepper bottle

    I'm posting this recently picked up bottle for fellow A-B member "Sodaman". Notice the wording above the Liberty Bell: "Sample - Not For Resale". The lady he bought it from said the original bottle owner worked for Coke or Pepsi. Anybody have any info on this one for him? It's...
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    Golden Age acl, what year is this?

    Here's one that I'm confused on the Glenshaw Glass Co. dating system. Instead of the single letter on the lip, there are two letters together. G and J. By themselves, it would mean 1935 or 1938. But together? On the opposite side of the lip is the number 29. I know its an early...
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    Tin-Over-Cardboard milk bottle sign

    Picked up this cool looking sign. Obviously not mint, but still a great sign (I think). I even had the bottles to match it. It's from Cleveland, Ohio. Are there many tin over cardboard milk signs out there? Seems like the breweries were big into using them, but hadn't ever seen a milk...
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    Picked this one up. Don't know if it is a rare one or not, but thought it was neat. Utopia Grape Soda, by Painsville Mineral Springs Co., Painsville, Ohio. Thought the combination script and block letter embossing was cool looking. I've seen the Painsville Mineral Spring bottles around...

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