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    Sigh ... Clinton Bottling Works Augusta GA

    So they drug a blade across a large field and I noticed some old brick sticking out. Spotted one piece of glass sticking out ... nothing too spectacular and wish it wasn't clipped, but you never know where something is going to crop up. No other bottles note, some glass but not enough to...
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    Bottle of Beatin

    Before the proverbial 'Can of Whoop a$$', you could have opened a 'Bottle of Beatin' Probably not generally available this side of the pond as the label is all in German. It was part of a German post card advertisement I came across recently. Thought it would make an interesting conversation...
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    Edmands Bros Wire Bail Milk from Saugus

    G/A all, I came across this old bottle some time ago and had it packed away for years. It is a pint milk bottle that has turned amethyst. It stands approximately 6 1/2" tall. It would have had a wire bail lid and is marked as follows: (slug plate on front) Edmands Bro's. Registered...

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