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    E. Houston Street N.Y. embossed meds

    TWOWHEELFAN wants to add! I would like to replace these with unbroken examples. they are both from within a couple of buildings from where I live. I know that a digger here from FL. has a larger version of the H.L. METZ N .TAUSZIG, SUCCESSOR APOTHECARY 287 E. HOUSTON ST. N.Y. what do you have...
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    D.L. Ormsby small stoneware bottle comparison. which one is earlier?

    Both D.L. Ormsby, both the small version, about 6.75 to 7" tall. my question, which one is earlier? or are they concurrent?
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    a website that i just found.

    hey guys, I am not an insulator guy, per se. but I did run across this website while researching sidewalk vault lights. it seems pretty interesting and I wanted to share. you guys prolly know about this place, so sorry in that case.
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    anyone seen or know what this is?

    3" dia.x 1-3/4" tall, heavy clear glass with small bubbles, two pieces, top and bottom connected by lead. I thought it was vault light, but its not prismatic underneath like other examples I have seen. found under basement of commercial building in NYC.
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    bumping old threads?

    I would like to bump an old thread in the digging and finding forum. it looks like we cant do that anymore? it says that it is locked. its a great thread. bumping old threads is a bad thing?
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    digging a stoneware mead in fishtown.

    digging a stoneware mead in fishtown.ri=%2F#/watch?v=mbms754Ckho 12 feet down and right up against the wall. Don't probe down the sides to see if there is layer or where the bottom is, you'll poke the probe right through the bottle. Will post more pics, later when I have a computer in front...
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    Tuscon Az. area?

    Gonna be in Tuscon Az.area next week (03/23-31) to visit family, anyone near by digging?
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    tuscon Az. ?

    Gonna be in Tuscon Az.area next week (03/23-31) to visit family, anyone near by digging?
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    Tuscon Az. area?

    Gonna be in Tuscon Az.area next week (03/23-31) to visit family, anyone near by digging?
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    Meyers Destroyer New York.

    how rare is this? i would sell it if someone is interested. ebay?
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    Red Matthews Might like this one

    WM. H. GREGG MD NEW YORK CONSTITUTION LIFE SYRUP 8"h x 3"w x 1"d mold repair under WM Another mold repair under the C AND Back is distorted... Because of this bird swing.
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    i dont think this bottle is listed at north american sodas and beers. so.. i thought i needed to post.
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    questions about in depth research.

    i would like to find out the name of the original owners of a property in NYC probably around 1840 +/- 3 years. i cant seem to figure it out. I have the address, borough, block, lot. what i would like to do is cross reference the owner of this property to the 1840 census and find out the name...
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    polar cola NY?

    a buddy of mine found this on a construction site in NYC. Was looking for a little information. searched here, nothing. anyone? will keep researching the web! thanks! delicious refreshing bear of a drink bear club beverages ny
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    ok, what did this go to?

    old london? what?
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    Looking for Henry Solms or Solms and Clinton Brewery new york city bottles!

    i finally found a map with the name of the brewery that shared the backyard of my building! the maps says Solms and Clinton Brewery. Trows lists a henry solms in business at 13 clinton street in 1850 and 1857 and the map is from 1867 so 17 years. my research so far. anyone seen a bottle with...
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    villeroy and boch dating?

    can anyone put a date on a piece of by the marks on the base? i will post pics of a piece i just got from 1860's context. was wondering if from 1840's,1850's or newer.
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    who had that image of the train?

    was it epackage? the post was in the form of a guessing type game where we were supposed to figure out what was interesting or what was going on in the pic? the train had a number one on it and initials of the train company. i cant seem to find the post.
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    ok guys, how much would you offer for the boardman?

    i ran into a guy who found this bottle and i want it! i have a pony. sapphire block letter version, but this one is different! im made an offer , but he (not a collector) thinks it has more value. what do you guys think? i am kind of willing to pay retail for this because i have not seen one...

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