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    Long Island Antique Bottle Association Show and Sale

    Hi Eric, sounds like you have me as I have known Dana for decades, she is such a sweetheart. I enjoy seeing her at the shows, just saw her at the Mid-Hudson show in Poughkeepsie.I now have a confirmed date. Sunday January 24th 2016. Tables are 25.00 each, please note that they are ROUND tables.
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    Long Island Antique Bottle Association Show and Sale

    Hi Cowseat. Our club has not had a show in a few years, so I am trying to get it out there, as it is new, and might not be on folks radar screens.
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    Long Island Antique Bottle Association Show and Sale

    Anyone interested, the Long Island Antique Bottle Association is planning a Show and Sale. We are looking at a January date. Details to be announced as they happen.
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    Post your citrate bottles!

    Well, I do not have an individual shot, but you will see in the center my green Citrate from "Sewell Thornhill/Pharmicist/Sayville. I know not the best shot, but it was the one I could find.[attachment=DSC00015.JPG]
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    BROOKLAWN CLUB -how old?

    I would say 20's to 50's. From my area the early ones all have a pedestal or foot on the base, which phased out in the late teens to early 20's, replaced with the style shown.
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    Now there are 2 Congressmen asking the EPA for a full review of the materials used in artificial/astro turf. These fields are increasing in popularity, and also in controversy. A very interesting subject, as some of the components used in the manufacture of the field are not permitted in...
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    Any Long Island collectors out there?

    Have had some interest in club/show from FB too. East End Dump Diggers. Would like to see it happen.
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    Lid for Ramsey jar

    Any one looking for a lid for the Ramsey jar? I have one, pm me if any interest. Thanks.
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    Ground lip, Pontil whisky decanter?

    Pontil is legit, it is common to have pontil scars on the base of older decanters and higher end glass, although they are commonly ground out, leaving a round polished area on the base. My parents have a glassware set, pitchers, decanters, glasses from when they married in the late 1950's, all...
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    Ground lip, Pontil whisky decanter?

    A very odd grinding job, very odd indeed. It is so odd that it makes me suspicious, as if the neck had been broken, and they used a Dremel to grind it........ Bottles of this nature typically had a smooth finish on the top, perhaps a ground throat to accept the stopper, but like this? Very...
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    Early 1800's milk bottle?

    Most likely condiments-olives, relish or the like, from the 1890 to 1910 period.
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    Could it be a Ramsey jar lid?

    Hi Digginthedog, yes, my lid is what you describe as variation #1, deep center recess. My thanks to all, you have been very helpful!
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    Could it be a Ramsey jar lid?

    Spirit Bear, the Ramsey jar is a very early, and scarce fruit/canning jar. My copy of the Redbook, which is considered pretty much the bible of jar collecting, is from the 80's, and it is listed at 1k and up. I do not know about the present value, it could be more, or less.
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    Could it be a Ramsey jar lid?

    Thank you Bert, I have never seen a Ramsey lid before.
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    Could it be a Ramsey jar lid?

    This lid has held my eye since I first spotted it in a collection I picked up this week. I suspect it is a lid to a Ramsey jar, it matches the written description, and it sort of looks like the line drawing in my copy of Redbook, but there is a difference. The line drawing shows a center post...
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    Why'd they not set the milks out for the milkman?

    Good question. Likely a variety of factors involved. Folks could just be careless/lazy, the dairy closed up and did not pick the bottles up. The customer canceled delivery and the bottles were left behind. One of my favorite sayings I have seen on pyro milks is on a local bottle, and this is...
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    A Question on Strap Side Flasks

    The rounded sides on your flask make it a form we call shoo fly. Studied your pictures well, and the top is applied. Applied tops were used up into the 1880's, then transitioned over a decade or so to refired and tooled tops. The refiring and tooling allowed for faster production. I have...
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    Wieland Bros NY Beer Bottle - Help Please

    Refired and tooled crown tops were produced for a time, c.1905 to c.1915. Due to the difficulty of hand tooling the crown top, the crown top quickly shifted to machine production.
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    TV Show Extreme Collectors

    I am sure that some of you have seen this show before, but today was a first for me. It caught my eye with the segment on Bottles, and the collection of Ferdinand, who I think is the FOHBC President. Way cool.

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