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  1. J

    small pontil pitcher ?

    i have a question on a small glass pitcher that i got out of a box lot in an auction .....didnt even know this was in not too informed on old pontiled glass...not even sure what this thing is...i guess im trying to find any info on this piece and find out if this indeed is a pontil...
  2. J

    arrow cola

    sorry, heres the arrow cola from asheville nc..cant figure out how to keep going with the first thread and add pictures...not a big fan of this new format...anyway, heres the arrow
  3. J

    arrow cola and rainbow ginger ale nc and ga

    just got these two bottles that i cant find any info a big fan of these off brand bottles....anyone have any info on either of these?....the rainbow has a rounded bottom to it and is from atlanta ga ...arrow is from asheville n.c. .....
  4. J

    a few good sc bottles

    a friend of mine got some pretty nice south carolina bottles...thought i would show a few pictures as some are pretty hard to find......
  5. J

    searching for thackstons dairy

    looking for any thackstons dairy bottles which would be from greenville sc...most do not have greenville on them...........
  6. J

    pa milk question

    dug this up in south carolina....any of you PA guys know this one....just wondering if its common or a tough one....this one has top damage but i have never heard of Jeannette PA ......thanks
  7. J

    some SC acls

    hey pat, this is my start on some greenville sc a million more to go im sure.....
  8. J

    new jersey milk bottle help

    i just dug this broken new jersey milk here in south carolina .its a long way from home and i was trying to get some info on it...not much luck so far...also was wondering if white horse new jersey is a tiny town or a bigger one as i have never heard of it...any help from the new jersey guys and...
  9. J

    geo berry ?

    i have a friend who has this eagle flask.i dont know much about old flasks but he says he has seen some like this one with blank label spaces or ones with pittsburg..etc... we cant seem to find any info on GEO A BERRY & CO ...any one have any info on where this may be from.....thanks
  10. J

    what is this mass bottle LA CROIX ?

    i have a bottle here that was dug up in new hampshire....LA CROIX MILLIS MASS ....a blob top that has alot of damage...i like it though and i am very curious as what this looks to me to be maybe a nun ? and a cross in the slug plate....could this be a holy water bottle of some kind?.....
  11. J

    got some acls on ebay..

    just listed alot of acls i got from a collection...
  12. J

    tumbling question

    got a tumbler and still in the learning process....some of the bottles are coming out great, just a milky cloudiness on the glass.or a i need to run the bottle again with a polish?.....
  13. J

    need some virginia help

    i got this bottle today out of a creek in s.c. ....i cant find much info online so i was hoping some of the virginia guys and gals could help me out on this this one you see alot in richmond?...pretty big bottle. maybe a pint.....virginia distilling corp richmond va.....
  14. J

    clown bottle help

    need alittle help from the north carolina guys and gals to find out exactly what this bottle is and if its common or not..has an embossed clown on it and is from littleton n.c. ......not sure what the name on the bottle reads.its hard to read.mcpherson maybe?......any help would be appreciated...
  15. J

    few bottles on ebay few acls im selling on ebay
  16. J

    quick chero question

    this bottle popped up this morning .lots of cheros in this spot but i have never seen one of these. the top is missing and there is a chunk missing right where the state would trying to get a list of all the block cheros from all the states and i have never came across a bainbridge. anyone...
  17. J

    looking for south carolina pharm and soda bottles

    hey, i was checking to see if anyone has any south carolina bottles for sale or trade...i am looking for paharmacy and sodas....doesnt matter if they are chipped or cracked as long as i need them...thanks, dan
  18. J

    help with a shard

    this bottle popped up this morning and i would really love to know what it was...i was thinking maybe a 7 sisters hair bottle?..a perfume of some sort?...not sure but i love the embossing and im hoping a whole one with come my way soon.....the lady looks like she is looking into a hand held...
  19. J

    reese chem co

    i got to get out and dig this morning before it got too hot. i dug this reese chem co bottle and would love to know more about it. all i could find was info on the company itself but not the bottle. i was extra happy that this bottle does not have a scratch on it and the slick bottle that was...
  20. J

    coffin flasks

    i found this bottle this morning..its cracked on the back but i still had to keep it. im guessing this is what is called a coffin flask. my question is what were they for?.....

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