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    Grommes & Ulrich

    I had the same thought. No idea. Thanks for the comment. Dave
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    Grommes & Ulrich

    Thanks. If I learn more I will share,
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    Grommes & Ulrich

    Thanks for the info. I was thinking down the same lines.
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    Grommes & Ulrich

    Thanks. Very possible.
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    Selling off my collections

    Thanks for the info!
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    Selling off my collections

    Any colored blob sodas I would be interested in. Thanks David 336 247 1928
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    Grommes & Ulrich

    Here is pic 2 and 3
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    Grommes & Ulrich

    Looking for value. This bottle was dug out of the Hemingray Muncie Indianna plant 10 years ago. Has slag left on top of the bottle so it looks like it was made there and never used or sold to the public, Could not find anything on line. More pics to follow.
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    Found at same Antique store today, Wine Bottle?

    Thanks so much for the info! Im glad to learn its a FLASK. Did not know that.
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    Found at same Antique store today, Wine Bottle?

    Along with the pontil medicine was this guy. Applied top and applied handle. Great color!! Wine bottle I think??
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    Great Antique Store find. Pontil Medicine!

    Best medicine find for me. Was exciting! Its a G.K. SMITH & CO, DRUGGISTS, PHILA, open pontil. It is SQUARE SUG EMBOSSED. Just wanted to share.
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    Any info?

    8 panel, applied taper top. H. Thiele & Co on one panel. Fisher Str: No 33 on another panel. Thanks for any help!
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    Odd Insulator, need help with ID.

    It is a CD 120. I have one identical. $15-20.
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    Skilton Foote Bunker Hill Pickles

    Thanks for all the pics on this jar. I've learned a lot and now have to find some more of those jars. I have the honey amber but will now be on the look out for the others....ESPECIALLY the large one ")
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    New Find Table Salt bottle/jar

    Thanks for your reply. I have a lot to learn on bottles. Is it the overall shape that looks English?
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    New Find Table Salt bottle/jar

    anyone seen these before? any info would be great. cant find anything on line. It is 7" tall, 4" diameter, glass lid, applied top, large mouth, embossing LION TABLE SALT. Bottom is not pontil. just a smooth concave surface with a center dot. Thanks for looking!
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    Found these three today while digging a privy.

    Great finds. You can ship the blue one to me !! ")
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    Finally found a good Privy.

    Great story and good for you!!! Love the hunt!!! Insulator Dave

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