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  1. hemihampton

    Some of my digging photos

    Do you Dig many U.S.A. Bottles there? LEON.
  2. hemihampton

    Before & after.

    I do alot of Privy Digging in Detroit area, Find lots of Blob Beers & Hutch's that way. LEON.
  3. hemihampton

    Okay to dig on city property ?

    Luckily I usually dig in crack town gang infested area of Detroit where the Cops barely go. But on the Rare occasions when they have stopped & asked us what we were doing & we say Digging old Bottles they seem to not care at all, they got better things to do & say have fun, & leave. Met some...
  4. hemihampton

    Old Colony - Lemon Lime - flat top can 60's era

    Only 1 pictured in Book, Root Beer & it's a pull tab. I'd assume it came in many different flavors & in both flat & tab top. The cones are more Valuable. LEON.
  5. hemihampton

    Tumbling Before and After photos

    Should tumble like any other bottle but my only concern is it looks like a 3 piece mold & the 3 piece mold lines look very faint so if it gets a heavy duty tumble it may end up looking like a turn mold instead of a 3 piece if you know what I mean? LEON.
  6. hemihampton

    I am trying to think why someone cut this….

    Looks like someone replaced a broken off top. LEON.
  7. hemihampton

    Great finds from a dig this past summer.

    When you say unlisted Druggist unlisted where? Is there a Connecticutt druggist book? LEON.
  8. hemihampton


    2 for 1. This one is kinda Art Deco embossed Green & ACL also. LEON.
  9. hemihampton


    I've seen the Tall one a few times, Might be from my area, Think it's from Wyandotte Michigan. LEON.
  10. hemihampton

    Tumbling Before and After photos

    3 Finger on Bottom & the pointed rubber bottle stopper at the Top. LEON.
  11. hemihampton

    Old Colony - Lemon Lime - flat top can 60's era

    That design of can is pictured in the soda book with $10 price. LEON.
  12. hemihampton

    C.F. Plitt York, pa bottle

    I think that is a S3 instead of 53. I have many Hutch's with D.O.C. 11 & other Numbers then S3. could the 11 possibly be 1911 Date? LEON.
  13. hemihampton

    What is a realistic price on this english black glass??

    Since this post is 10 years old alot could of happened in 10 years. Wonder if he got married & divorced by now?????????? P.S. He hasn't even been in this Forum for past 5 years, doubt he'll ever see this?????????
  14. hemihampton

    Creepy dolls head.

    You can add this one to your photo Collage, This one has had a Labotomy. LEON.
  15. hemihampton

    Possible Beer bottle? Anyone familiar with this one?

    OK, This post shows a Aqua one, I was getting to lazy to keep posting more Links. Plus it got off subject. Post #21 mentions the clear or Aqua versions.
  16. hemihampton

    Possible Beer bottle? Anyone familiar with this one?

    This same Question was asked before & I responded with Wiedemann. LEON. Anothrt Link. Here we go again...
  17. hemihampton


    Nice Tray. Congrats. LEON.
  18. hemihampton

    Vibration or Rotary tumbler??????

    You don't have to buy a $2,000.00 set up. should be able to get a complete set up for under $1,000.00. I tried going the cheap route at first & was a waste of time. I've still gone kinda cheap but so far never busted a Bottle. If your busting Bottles your doing something major wrong. Just my...
  19. hemihampton

    Tumbling Before and After photos

    I use Jar Doctor Stopples. I've noticed not all Bottles come out the same even if done the same way. I guess from what I hear some bottles have harder or softer glass then others that could affect the outcome? LEON.
  20. hemihampton

    New treasures scored at an auction/estate sale!

    I had 2 Dogs & upto 8 or 9 Cats in my House a few Years ago, not the best Combination with hundreds of Bottles on Shelves. LEON.

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