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    Help with this one.. Thanks

    Besides some of the obvious like a lady's leg neck, possible whiskey or wine? Anybody know what the S&B stands for or B&S ?? Is it worth selling? 1880's??
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    Cobalt squat soda??

    Hey everyone, any knowledge or history on this one? Has a large W on the bottom. It's a beautiful color.. Is it common??
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    Corn wart skin bottle!:)

    Hi, just dug this little beauty today! Hand blown yes. Pretty rare? Can't find a single image or reference on the net! Any info on this would be pretty sweet.. Thanks!;) Also can't figure out how to rotate the image??
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    Very rare corn wart skin bottle..

    Look at previous post. Thanks
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    Few questions, very curious

    I dug these earlier today and was very curious to see a soda torpedo with an applied lip? But it looks like it could have received a crown top? It also has 4 numbers on the bottom. So here are a few questions: 1.) Date maybe 1890-1905'ish? 2.) How to possibly look up the numbers to find a...
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    Part of the blowing process??

    Okay I was digging in an area where there were many hundreds of melted hutch era bottles :( :(.. I'm most certain it was a site where these bottles were either made or somehow scrapped.. I have found many of these rings.. I'm thinking that they were used in the blowing process to maybe hold...
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    Old Pioneer bottle, fancy whiskey? Crystal?

    Okay so not exactly sure on the age. From a pit that dates from 1890-1915. It doesn't have a mold seem anywhere on it!! It's the heaviest bottle I've ever seen in all my years collecting. It's a very fancy bottle that looks like it was all crystal and beveled cut/polished facets around it. Gold...
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    Old Pioneer bottle, fancy whiskey? Crystal?

    Please delete this post. It is a duplicate. Thanks
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    Where was this straight side Coke bottle made?

    Hi everyone! I'm new to bottles but dug this the other day. Sorry if the pics are not so good it was the best I could do considering the embossing was so low. Can anyone aid in identification of this bottle? Found here in Siloam Springs Arkansas.

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