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    First use of "hobble skirt" to describe Coca-Cola bottles?

    Little Rock I tried to send you a private message but you have messages blocked. Email me for the exact date Coca-Cola referred to the patent bottle as 'hobbleskirt."
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    I'm following about twenty friendly and active bottle related sites where I post daily and also buy and sell. I've found a lot of serious, knowledgeable collectors there who are eager to help new collectors. I keep in touch with a lot of friends I found here in these new communities. If anyone...
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    I'll be there and will gladly join the posse to find "that feller."
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    No New Paint?

    Wouldn't miss Columbia.
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    Blown Upside Down

    Great bottle. I would love to own one of these if you find an extra one.
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    Any Info on a "Kirsch's" Soda Bottle?

    Hyman Kirsch started business with a partner named Herfel around 1910 bottling a number of flavors. By the 1920's Kirsch was one of the largest New York City bottlers. He invented diet soda in the 1940's. Kirsch merged with Dr. Browns, Hoffman's, Pepsi, and other firms in the 1960's to become KBI.
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    Any idea as to what was in it?

    MUSKEGON BOTTLING WORKS. 1884 The Muskegon Bottling Works is one of the pioneer enterprises of the city, having been established in 1867 under the name of “The City Bottling Works” which name it retained till last summer when new buildings were erected at the corner of Barclay street and...
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    1910 Coca Cola SS Triple Script Bottle Value?

    Bottle with Coca-Cola in script on both shoulders and the bottom is typically called a "shoulder script." They are the newest of the straight sides - used just before the hobbleskirts. Pat is right on the money with the value.
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    Desperatly need help identifying the age of a few Soda Bottles, grateful for any help!

    From you're username I'm guessing you're in Alabama. There's a Facebook group where a lot of Alabama collectors share photos and information. And if you're looking for information on a particular Alabama bottle let me know. I wrote the book on Alabama Bottlers thirty years ago. PM me as I don't...
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    Last Hutchinson Coke I dug was in 1974 (my fourth). It was a rare Talladaga, Alabama. I started the hole Saturday with a high school friend who was a karate black belt and in top shape. By the time we were digging twelve feet down I had to bucket his dirt up and shovel mine while he rested. He...
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    Amber Anchor-Hocking Coke bottle.

    Back in the seventies workers at Oak Ridge would take Coke bottles to work in their lunch boxes and have them irradiated to turn amber. These were all over the flea markets for years. I've been told the bottles retain unsafe levels of radiation.
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    Lime Cola Madisonville,KY

    Lime Cola was sued by Coca-Cola in 1926. These bottles were around the time of the lawsuit.
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    EXPENSIVE Chero Cola!

    It's real and it's rare. I know of two others.
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    Online lists of bottlers, by states

    There is no comprehensive list. There are books on bottling history for many states but not Louisiana. There are directories of bottlers from the 1920's and 1930's. There are magazines from the 1880's forward: National Bottler's Gazette, Southern Carbonator, American Bottler, and others that...
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    Looking for Cheros

    The first Dawson bottle was block letter in a slug plate. Script came later.
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    Picked up a few Acl's & Cokes

    The eagle emblem on the Alabama Bottling Company Hutch was the State Seal of Alabama from 1868 to 1939.
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    Texas bottles - need help!!!!!!

    Meyer was in business as early as 1912 when he was sued in U.S. Federal Court by Coca-Cola. The Atlanta company accused Meyer of using bottles, labels, and caps marked Coca-Cola.
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    Koca Nola Bottle

    The original post is in What is it? I posted the link here because this soda bottle thread may be of interest to soda bottle collectors. If I broke the "rules" by posting a soda related link in the "Sodas - Embossed , Paper Label and ACLs" then I apologize and will take my place in the corner.
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    Koca Nola Bottle

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