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    Surprise find at a Farm Dump

    Absolutely lovely.Stoneware is nice too.
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    B. Broemmel Apothecary San Francisco...Well Traveled Bottle!

    Excellent bottle! I haven't seen one of those yet. That one is a keeper. I have yet to dig a Texas bottle here in the SF Bay Area.
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    Found Old Outhouse.

    Is it an outhouse or a tool shed?Looks pretty new to me.
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    Good bottle! That one is a keeper.
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    Japanese bottle perhaps?

    Hi Danny, Interesting. Are we talking dry spice? Like peppercorns for instance? Thanks.
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    Japanese bottle perhaps?

    Hello All, Digger Scott unearthed this one a few trips back. I haven't had any luck identifying the symbol embossed on the bottle or the bottle type itself. After looking at the pictures for a while the style appears Japanese to me. The symbol is a circle with a stylized horizontal line above...
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    Saturday dump digging. The Owls were in season again.

    Hi Mark,Thank you sir. The sheer variety of what is in the dump makes it really interesting.
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    Saturday dump digging. The Owls were in season again.

    Hello Jack, We are finding some decent stuff. Of course I don't post pictures of the days when we don't find much or just get some slicks.I am disappointed that you washed off the olive oil label! I would have liked to have seen a picture of it. Next time.
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    Saturday dump digging. The Owls were in season again.

    Hi Sharon, Thank you for the research.
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    Saturday dump digging. The Owls were in season again.

    Hi Clarence, It's a pretty common bottle I believe. I will attempt to take some better pics of it for you. I need to soak it for a while to see if the lid will loosen enough to unscrew.
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    Found Old Township Dump On Property

    I would hire a backhoe for a day and have them dig off the upper layers of trash until I hit bare dirt or a layer of older material. If I hit a layer of turn of the century and/or older material I would leave it so I could dig it at my pleasure and tell the city to come remove the layer of newer...
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    Monday dump dig leads to bottle envy!

    Hi Robert,The stuff we dig ranges roughly from 1890's to about 1910 with a small number of items from before and after those dates.
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    Dug my oldest stoneware jug yet, on lucky Friday 13th!

    Excellent! I only find busted pieces of the big stoneware so I tend to plow right through with my shovel when I see the side of a big jug. I'll take a little more time from now on to be sure if it's broken or not.
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    What do I need to know about marbles?

    Hi Robert, If you still have a public library in your county you can go on their website and see if they have any books about marbles.Find out if there are used book stores in your town. They may have marble books for super cheap. And you can haggle.
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    Old School Privy?

    I'm not so sure about that Robert. Teachers are a strange breed of duck. I wouldn't be surprised if they were nipping some booze or dipping some opium during their toilet breaks. Couldn't throw those empties in the trash basket in the school house so they would have gone down the hole. If...
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    Saturday dump digging. The Owls were in season again.

    Hi Jim,Thank you!I thought about you when I dug this one. I figured I could get one to you but then I saw how different they were and now I wouldn't be able to even decide which one to part with. I haven't forgot you want one. I was hoping the Wellman, Peck that Charles found was a whiskey. From...
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    Saturday dump digging. The Owls were in season again.

    Hello All, The team went for a dig at one of our dump sites on Saturday. I didn't take a group shot of my bottles this time because the wind is blowing so hard outside I was afraid they would be toppled and broken. My keepers, A heavy, green bottle with stopper. The stopper moved freely in...
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    B-Day finds

    Good stuff!I really like the pepper sauce bottle. I have never found one.
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    Last Monday dump dig. Some decent stoneware.

    Hello Mark,Thanks. I have found several of the Paul Jones whiskey samplers. No value really but good give-away bottles.I did look for the handle. No luck. It might have been busted before it went into the dump.The Hot Tamale is a true oddball. I searched the web for information about it. All I...
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    Last Monday dump dig. Some decent stoneware.

    Hello Jason, Interesting. The amber color on the Eureka bottle does seem to indicate something other than soda water contents.The Chevalier flask is embossed PCGW on the base.Not landfill I'm pretty sure. Not a creekbank either. Flat topography with patches of bottles and trash. Uneven...

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