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  1. MisterEd

    A Salt (shaker) and Battery

    We've spent too many hours tying to decipher the mark on the bottom of one piece of a pair of recently acquire Shakers. One is obviously Hazel Atlas. The other???? Common shape, but an uncommon mark, to us anyhow. We'd like to be able to put the Shaker aside and move on to important things like...
  2. MisterEd

    Savannah and Charleston

    Have read Posts here but it only occurred to me today (duh!) that I could post a few images and maybe learn something about the bottles we came upon. Should we keep 'em? Sell 'em? Be glad we have 'em? Simply put, we don't know much about bottles. Albert Van Harten Savannah, Blue-green (cyan?)...
  3. MisterEd

    Epping's Kentucky Club

    New to this site and bottle is new to us. Bottle (Epping's Kentucky Club) found at estate sale and it was, at best, cruddy. Significant Other, who is much more patient and diligent at cleaning bottles than I made it look pretty much like brand-new. Would like comments about quality of bottle...

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