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    asian stoneware bottle

    I woulld lke to help you. But I don't have any information on these oldbottles. RED Matthews
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    Coca Cola Bottle found. Whats the deal??

    Well, I am willing to examine and return the bottle. U have had a lot of engineering time on bottle making problems. We are on the roqd to F;orida rigfht now - so I will look for this thread after we ger settled in. RED Matthews
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    Birds swing

    So I have to work on this one. I have to say that I have worked on a lot of bird swing problems, And regarding the jar - they usually have a spike rather than a 'swing. I am going back to see the picture now. Bird swings occur in blow and blow formings. If the parison inside collapses...
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    found this while digging..trying to find out info on it...

    Well it looks good. I assume it has something embossed on it - ? There isn't enough information for us to help you. RED M.
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    Trade-card of Merchant's Gargling Oil

    Hello again, We are heading back to FL yomottoe. qRRED M.
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    Druggist and whiskey !

    Hello;I think I have an unlabeled bottle like your Hunter bottle. It is a black glass turn molded three part mold product with turned stress vertical lines under the applied glass tool formed finish. I will dig it out before we leave foe Florida for a bottom check. RED Matthews
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    Territorial Bottle

    If anyone can help me with this question - post me some help. I have a bottle with the identity of H. E. Co. Haven't identified it yet. RED Matthews
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    Found a torpedo. Info anyone?

    Still no feed back. It just makes scence to have it in your collection for that price. It has an applied tooled finish, and there is /or must be a pontil mark - so I would have purchased it. I think it should be worth twice that - in todays market - even if the economy sucks right now. RED...
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    The bottle that started it all!

    If it were in my collection of over2000 glass items, I wouldn't tumble it. RED Matthews
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    H. Lake's Indian Specific

    It looks good to me. The so called pontil mark is off center- so it wasn't created in the bottom plate. RED Matthews
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    looking for info on a woods find

    I just went back to your post again. I like it and would like to add it to my study, RED Matthews
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    Wine bottle dating

    Hello, I think your bottle is an older hand blown bottle - worthynof keeping. I have co;;ected glass and studied the early bottle making for over 20 years. I am migrating back to Flortda in a couple weeks. It might be worth the postage to send it to me later for examination. %re pictures...
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    Clear Glass Soldier Bottle

    Re: RE: Clear Glass Soldier Bottle I like those figurals. If y0ur selling let me know. REDS M.
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    More pics

    Re: RE: More pics Well Mitch. This is an old thread now. We are at our summer home om NY and will be back to FL by the end of Sept. We have migrated with the geese and black birds for over 40 years,. I never thought birds should be smarter than people. Atvleast they don't collecr bottles -...
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    here's some more will post what I found today after supper hopefully I'll get some feed back

    Jamie; The first thing to do is - look at the top closure glass section of the bottle. If it has vertical seams on it - it was made on an ABM, Automatic Bottle Machine. If it was it doesn't have value.Bottles that were hand blown on a blow pipe Have value - they will also have a pontil mark...
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    What can I do to make this less noticeable?

    HI again Robert. I never worry about the little chips. The design and have marks of the hand made bottle is what talks for me. T must have a couple dozen rectangular bottles with four sunken panels - where one of the panels will have the name of a doctor embossed on it. I even have two that...
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    Glass maker ID needed.

    I have an interesting bottle that has the identity of F. E. Co. on it.s bottom. It is interesting also because it has a rectangular double lined mid side box that says FILL TO LINE . Yet there is no line. RED Matthews ]]]]]]]]]]]there is a 1/2
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    H. Lake's Indian Specific

    Well it has been my finding that most of these early rectangular sunken pane bottles, were empontilled using an often off centered round punty rod, for the finish glass application and tooling. RED Matthews
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    Narrowing down the hunt......

    Looks like fun. I used to do it = just to old now. I have been putting together description pages for my daughter= and numbering each glass item, so she will know what she is selling, With that project, she will be busy. RED Matthews
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    Can somebody help me date bottles

    I have a new old bottle that shows being made by F. E. Co. I can5 find any info on that company. The o was raised with a line under it. RED Matthews

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