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    Japanese bottle perhaps?

    Hello All, Digger Scott unearthed this one a few trips back. I haven't had any luck identifying the symbol embossed on the bottle or the bottle type itself. After looking at the pictures for a while the style appears Japanese to me. The symbol is a circle with a stylized horizontal line above...
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    Saturday dump digging. The Owls were in season again.

    Hello All, The team went for a dig at one of our dump sites on Saturday. I didn't take a group shot of my bottles this time because the wind is blowing so hard outside I was afraid they would be toppled and broken. My keepers, A heavy, green bottle with stopper. The stopper moved freely in...
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    Last Monday dump dig. Some decent stoneware.

    Hello All, I finally got my pics organized and uploaded from the dump dig I went on last Monday with Dirty Larry. We dug some decent bottles and a few artifacts. No Owls this time. Not even a broken one. My keepers, Olive oil or wine? I'm going with olive oil, First one of these I have...
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    Last Friday dump dig. Owls galore!

    Hello All, It has taken me a week to organize the pictures from last Friday's bottle hunt with Digger X (formerly known as Stoneware Kid). We found some common bottles and some not-so-common bottles at one of our old trash dumps. My finds, Yay! Another Jesse Moore. A little nicer than the...
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    Monday dump dig leads to bottle envy!

    Hello All, Monday I went digging with Stoneware Kid at a different dump site. Below are the finds, My keepers. I have seen pictures of pumpkins like this, with the spider web pattern, but this is the first one I have dug, Here it is with a slick one and a coffin flask propping them up. All...
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    Saturday, Four Whisky Day.

    Hello All, I went for a dig this past Saturday. Found a few good bottles. Four whiskey bottles came out of the ground. Dirty Larry found two and I found two. My finds, From research I did this bottle doesn't seem to have much money value but it's nice looking. /JESSE MOORE-HUNT CO./TRADE...
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    Strange jar.

    Hello All, I dug this small jar last month. I can't figure out why it is designed the way it is. People have speculated that it was a serving jar for small fruit with a slot for toothpicks or an ink jar with a slot for the pen to go in to. Threaded top. It is heavy for its size. I'm guessing...
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    Saturday dig. A few keepers and some doodads.

    Hello All, I went for a dig on Saturday. Found a pretty nice whiskey flask. /THEO. GIER/WINE CO./OAKLAND CAL./ Interesting background about Theodore Gier, his wine and liquor business, http://pre-prowhiskeymen....whiskey-into-wine.html A few more keepers, Owl Drug Store /Celso/TRADE...
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    How I clean bottles with Muriatic Acid.

    Hello All, I wrote a description of how I clean bottles with Muriatic Acid. I am not suggesting anyone use acid for cleaning bottles or anything else. It works for me though and I just wanted to describe how I do it: How I clean bottles with Muriatic Acid. Based on my experience, Muriatic Acid...
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    Two whiskey day.

    Hello All,I went for a dig at one of my usual spots this past Saturday. After many years of digging I found my first full sized embossed whiskey. Then I found my second! Two in one day. The first one I found was not a rare or valuable bottle but I like it. It is the big, amber LT&C whiskey from...
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    Brass Pabst Promotional Thing.

    Hi All, I dug this the last time I went for bottles. The dump seems to have stuff from the 1890's to about 1914. This thing was folded up in a big wad. I carefully unfolded it and discovered that it says: ----Logo with stuff I can't quite read----- Pabst Blue Ribbon The Beer Of Quality...
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    Strange Owl.

    Hello All, This is my first post on the site. I signed up today. I mostly lurk and look at bottles other people find. Looking at so many good bottles motivated me to get access to a site I dug in the past. Last week I went there with my cousin and we found some decent bottles. It seems that the...

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