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  1. raybee1981

    Harbison Dairy Wooden Milk Crates

    I have two of these. Both in excellent condition. Offers accepted.
  2. raybee1981

    Anyone Intrested?

    I have a few bottles for sale if anyone is interested. Just send me a message.
  3. raybee1981

    For Sale 5

    Message me if interested.
  4. raybee1981

    For Sale 4

    Message me if interested.
  5. raybee1981

    For Sale 3.

    Message me if interested.
  6. raybee1981

    For Sale 2

    For Sale 2. Message me if interested.
  7. raybee1981

    For Sale

  8. raybee1981

    Message me if interested 2

    Here are some more. Message if interested.
  9. raybee1981

    Message me if interested.

    Message me if interested in any of these.
  10. raybee1981


    Hi there. I can't seem to find anything on this bottle. It's a Heffron Tanner Purity bottle from Syracuse. Anyone have any idea of the value?
  11. raybee1981

    Advice, please?

    Hi there. Forgive me but I'm rather new at this and I don't wanna be a total "newbie"... But I don't want to rip anyone off or get ripped off myself. Any advice on these would be greatly appreciated. I have done a bit of research myself but there's such varying prices I would like to get...
  12. Haig 1.jpg

    Haig 1.jpg

  13. Jug 2.jpg

    Jug 2.jpg

  14. Citrate 3.jpg

    Citrate 3.jpg

  15. Jug 1.jpg

    Jug 1.jpg

  16. Jug 3.jpg

    Jug 3.jpg

  17. Gerard 2.jpg

    Gerard 2.jpg

  18. Ponds 3.jpg

    Ponds 3.jpg

  19. Fancy 1.jpg

    Fancy 1.jpg

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