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    i have a Mason Jar lid with the name above embossed around inside the threaded metal screw ring; the glass is amber in color. I haven't got my RED book yet. Any help; appreciated. RED Matthews
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    Metal Clad Bottles and Drinking Glasses

    I have two bottles that were hand blown. and the final blow was done in a metal sleeve that had square holes in the metal sleeve - one bottle has eight holes and half of them had the squares in the metal; with corners up and and four set with the sides flat. The band is 5" tall. The bottom has...
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    GLASS JAR Information assistance.

    I have a jar that is embossed with "/ DICK " over "/ GUNDER " on the shoulder. Below that there is an embossed detailed face or the man even with his glass on. On the back it is embossed with his signature, "/ 39 YEARS " over his initials '/ JG " over an embossed anchor that has a square boxed...
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    Coca Cola Bottles ?

    Hello to who ever finds this one. I wanted to get some information on a COCA-COLA Bottle I have justpicked up. It is a clear glass Soda with the bottom embossed with COCA-COLA BOTTLE CO on the bottom. i have seen other listed subjects about them - but I couldn't find one today. RED Matthews
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    Coca Cola Bottles ?

    Hello to who ever finds this one. I wanted to get some information on a COCA-COLA Bottle I have justpicked up. It is a clear glass Soda with the bottom embossed with COCA-COLA BOTTLE CO on the bottom. i have seen other listed subjects about them - but I couldn't find one today. RED Matthews
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    General Chat:
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    SO THIS IS TO GET OTHERS THINKING THE WAY i DO. For a long time I have felt that our bodies were absorbing dangerous chemicals that were picked up by food contact with plastic. Much 0f what we eat and drink is in contact with plastic today. The potential is obvious to me. I have kicked this...
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    Umbrella INK Bottles.

    I just went back through several days of postings to find one about domed top ink bottles with an off-set to the side of the bottle and I was trying to find a picture in Michael Poillak'sThird editi0n of Bottles. Well i couldn/t find it - today i DID. in was on an unpage numbered...
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    Important Bottle Book for old bottle information.

    I am now reading this book again. third time cover to cover and I have two copies - 1 in NY and 1 in FL.Title: "BOTTLE and GLASS Handbook" Edited by Don Maust. It covers a lot of the glass making history and the main types of glass that are important to those that like the old hand blown...
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    So I have been here for over an hour and got no where with any opinion or definition. So

    Here goes The first thread was regarding whicker and weaving on early demijohns. I have several of them and have left the weaving on them because it was done with skill. I covered a lot of blurps but they didn't follow any path of my understanding objective. I plan on working on this while...
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    Here is another book that should be searched for.

    Books to add: 03/04/2013 “BOTTLES and RELICS” was one of three books by Mervin & Helen Davis on the subject of Bottles being their main interest. They were big bottle collectors that put out a great book from the get go. I have not been able3 to get the later two they did. RED Matthews
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    I have a neat old bottle embossed with "/ EXCELSIOR SPRING SARATOGA " in green glass.

    It is quite unique in my opinion because it has a hand tooled crown finish. The bottom looks like it had been empontilled with a domed punty rod, but there is no clue to a contact media. I did a big study on these bottles years ago, but I am just getting back into a review of my example...
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    The question is - How many bottles were turned in the mold by turning the blowpipe?

    At the present time I have my first one in 76 years of collecting and studying the different methods of making glass bottles. This method didn't remove all the evidence of the mold seams, but almost. I can see where they were in two places for a couple inches. The turning of the blow pipe was...
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    Bottles with a perforated steel bands oh the straight body of the bottle, such with glass

    Ctd. with glass puff our of about `1/4" of the glass body in the square holes in the metal. I have three bottles and four drink glasses at this point. I have no idea of which glass house made them. I am sure the metal bands would have to have been pre-heated to prevent cracking the glass...
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    Glass Canes and Battons;

    I got started in this category of collecting a good fifty years ago, because I purchased one and read about the fact that these were made as a whimsey sort of thing in a lot of Early American Glass Houses for use in patriotic parades. In my searching I found that the Clyde Glass Company in...
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    Well I don't know where this is going or if I will find it again. I have aquired an old s

    I guess I still haven't figured all this out yet. I have an old soda bottle made of very heavy glass with a mold number on the bottom in a recessed curved cavity push-up with the embossed number "'/ 258 ". It has a tooled elongated blob finish and a wire locked down metal closure system that...
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    Modern bottle design and method study;

    I was given two new 2001 bottles yesterday. They are about 18" high and not at all, round in form. They are really mind blowing and neat. The name is "VINUVA" "PINOT GRIGIO" "ITALY" "2001". The glass is cobalt. The finish is for a cork. There is a new style side base edge- spotter bar...
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    Art in bottles

    Hello to all of you. I just stumbled on to a coverage of ships and folk art in bottles that I have never seen before. It blew my mind and has taken a good three hours out of this day - but with fascination beyond any three hours I have used in a long time. - owned by...
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    Book to check out.

    I bought this book several years ago and found the words used, to be too different from my vocabulary, that all I did is look at the pictures and put it on a shelf Now - I just went through an extensive reading. The reason being – that there is some good information worth covering. The...
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    Bottle ingformsation

    I have a green half pint maybe, with an applied blob top that is embossed with a curved over "/ A.J.WINTLE & SONS ' over a flat "/ BILL MILLS ' over a lower curved "/ N underlined R ROSS ". If the bottom was pontiled, it was some kind of sticky ball used. It is about 5" tall and two inches...

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