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  1. deracrow

    UK Beverage Bottle, ID Maker?

    I was not expecting to find a bottle marked BOTTLE MADE IN U.K. laying in New Mexico. It is 9 1/4 inches tall. Bottles end up where they end up. I tried searching for UK Bottle maker marks but did not come up with anything. Does anyone know the maker? Age? possible contents? Thanks in...
  2. deracrow

    Deposit 32 oz. screw cap deposit bottles and a couple of others...

    Hi. I am not much of a bottle collector, especially ACL. I dug through this forum but there is so much great information I seem to always get side tracked and forget what I was looking for. I ran across some glass, deposit, screw cap, 32 oz. ACL bottles, I assume these must be late 60's...
  3. deracrow

    Bottle ID with Bird in Flight on Bottom

    Other than the Bird in Flight embossed on the bottom there are no other markings on this bottle. Three sides are flat and one side is mostly a rectangular indent which I presume was for a label. Tooled finish (unfortunately with a chipped lip). It has mold air vent nibs on it and enclosed air...
  4. deracrow

    PIX Bottle, maker or contents?

    This bottle has PIX on the bottom and a small 2 near the bottom on the side. I cannot find any reference on the internet to PIX as a bottle maker, perhaps that was the maker of the contents? If so does anyone know what PIX was, I am assuming alchol because of the bottle shape. Thanks
  5. deracrow

    Steele & Price

    From what I can find on the internet about this company Price bought out Steele's interest in 1884. Did the name continue as Steele & Price after the buyout? This small 2 inch long bottle is I assume a perfume bottle? I have a Dr. Price" extract bottle and saw a later Price's Wild Flowers...
  6. deracrow

    Douglas Drug Co. Bottle

    New to this Forum. Please excuse any nomenclature I misuse, I am not very familiar with Bottle Collecting. I have been going through boxes in my long deceased mothers shed, she was the bottle person. I was always into anything "old" but mostly Model T Fords and was always looking in old dumps...

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