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  1. BottleEnthusiast

    Any idea what this is?

    I went to dig yesterday and found this jar, thats has pictorial elephant heads. I thought it was green milk glass so i took it. When I washed it up I noticed the inside was just plain glass and it was green paint on the outside of the jar. I havent seen anything like this so any idea what it...
  2. BottleEnthusiast

    Rare local bottle!

    I have been after this bottle for a while, and i finally found it but i cant find anything about it, like the date range or anything. It is local to me and it reads City bottling works Brunswick MD. Any info is aprecciated! Thanks
  3. BottleEnthusiast

    Cleaning bottles

    Whats the best way to get the rust off a bottle?
  4. BottleEnthusiast

    Repainting ACLs

    I have been working on repainting this beat up ACL to try it out. Its a Deri-del chocolate drink and its pretty difficult to have straight lines. Any info on the bottle would be appreciated, and let me know if i should finish painting it. The reason I did it is because of all the cracks...
  5. BottleEnthusiast


    I was walking to woods the other day and came across a 60s/70s dumpsite. But there were some 1920s ketchups and that is all from that era everything else was way newer. Any reasonable answers?
  6. BottleEnthusiast

    Need help identifying this bottle

    I recently found this on my vacation!! It reads Chestnut farm / Chevy Chase Dairy / Washington DC. On the back it reads Safe milk for babies. The seam stops before the lip, i dont know much about milks so is it the same as other bottles? Any info would be helpful, Thanks in advance!
  7. BottleEnthusiast

    Very rare almost full hutch!

    I recently found this very rare hutch with only one other known, sadly the top part is sheered off, it reads holtzworth and miller / chambersburg PA.
  8. BottleEnthusiast

    1890s Holtzworth and Miller Bottle Chambersburg PA

    Anyone know anything about this bottle? Possibly a beer? Is it unknown, I cant find it anywhere on google. Thanks for any help you can give :)

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