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    WANTED Bottles with Registration Diamond

    This is the first time that I have seen your post. There are two or three, of the type of bottle that you seek, somewhere in boxes here. I will dig them out this week and send information. George
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    The picture is not real clear but I think that you have a very scarce jar. It looks like Red Book #1646. The description in the book says 'straight line plain tall letters' and yours looks like the drawing. It is Canadian made and comes in either ground lip or smooth. There is no indication if...
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    A very nice jar. I think that there are repro clamps available. The jars are considered very desirable by collectors. They are not rare by any means but are scarce and in demand. Great find! George
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    Blue Jar with funny top says FAVORITE

    Your jar is listed in the Red Book as entry #985. The quart is listed at a value of $35-40. The half gallon is listed at $100-150. Those prices are for a complete jar in good condition. Value of the closure (the band and lid that is missing) is 40-50% of the total. George
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    It's a Clear Day here

    The N. C. L. CO is one of my favorites. It has enough going for it to make three crude jars. Here is a pic of the side that I display. George
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    WTB - Old Sachems Wigwam tonic barrel

    I noticed that REPLACED top. They give a 9.5 grade to a BROKEN and REPAIRED bottle??? Why not just make a new one and call it 10.0. Of course, some people are doing just that.
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    It's a Clear Day here

    From the crude collection.
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    Target ball?

    Ralph has the number on his cards which he passes out freely. I suspect that you will fined it in his book as well. George
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    hand whittled mini quart ???

    Nuts! The link went dead when the auction ended. I should have captured the screen. It was a nicely whittled (apparently hand whittled from a block of glass [8|]), midget-miniquart-Mason's.
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    hand whittled mini quart ???

    That is it. Thanks Rick.
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    hand whittled mini quart ???

    I do not know how to post a link but you can find this one easily on ebay. Just search the term in the subject of this post. Some of the ebay seller descriptions are odd but this one almost had me rolling on the floor[8|]. George
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    Large amber Ground Top Fruit Jar?

    I have had two of these in aqua over the years. I have not heard of one in amber prior to this. A very nice find. george
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    Just Moved - Working on a new jar display

    Great jars! I see that you also like whittle. I have a few good examples in the crude collection. There would be more but whittle hides a lot of other things like swirls. From the looks of those jars, you have had the fever for a while now. Thanks for the pictures. George
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    A Few Pics

    Very nice bottles! Great color in the window is a treat. Thanks.
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    midget masons

    Nice finds! It is hard for me to pass up a midget if it is at a good price.
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    Porcelain Lined Midget lid

    I have always had very good luck at finding good jars and bottles. It does seem to run in streaks. If the luck really gets going, I may even find a jar to put this lid on. Too bad the luck dose not seem to work anywhere else. George
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    Porcelain Lined Midget lid

    The community might be interested in seeing this lid that I recently spotted on a common midget. The Porcelain Lined lids are hard enough to find in the standard mouth size. The midget lids (almost) never show up. For those who have a copy of the Fruit Jar Annual 2012/2013 this is the type three...
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    unlisted Lyman pint w lid

    Pints seem to be scarce/rare in most of the early jars. I think that it was a matter of having to put as much effort into the preserving of a small amount of food as into a larger amount. Canning today is MUCH easier and pints are much more practical. I understand the beating on the door...

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