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    hilton head bottle?

    i know of two colored sodas from hilton head(s.c.) one has the name dennis(the ones i have seen are green) and the other has the name knecktle(the ones i have seen are cobalt). i have recently been told there is another bottle from hilton head that is a stubby black glass bottle with hilton head...
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    milk bottle book

    isnt there some old book about milk bottles that tells what the numbers and letters mean on how to date them and tell who manufactured them? seems like i seen one on ebay but cant remember the name of it.anyone know a good book for this?
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    beaufort hardeeville sc?

    any one out there have a CENTER script straight side coke from beaufort sc? or any bottles from hardeeville sc?
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    jumbo pepersauce?

    my father dug a jumbo pepersauce bottle today, havent seen it yet but he said it had the elephant and frank tea and .... like the rest of them.i know people collect jumbos is there anything to this one ?worth anything?
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    scroll flask?

    dont know about flasks, i collect crown tops,whats a half pint aqua scroll flask worth with open pontil?almost mint?
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    any good?

    come across a harvey morris and sons from charlotte,nc.any good?also geo. saleeba's dairy,any one know where that s from?
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    milk bottle book?

    any one know the name of that book that has all the info on milk bottle manufactuours and what all the codes and numbers mean?i thinin its an old book,seems like the cover was orange,i cant remember for sure,seen one on ebay a couple years ago should have tried to get it.
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    pop kola?osia

    Osia,you still going to aiken? i m sure you have the pop kola from allendale?(that whats on most i see)how bout one from glenville ga?just wondering if thats a hard one to find or not?
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    columbia,pa. pepsi?

    came across a peanut shaped pepsi from columbia pa. dont see it in any of ayers books,anyone know if it has any value and is so how much?
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    commemorative cokes?

    i dont mess with them myself,but came across one that i was told was a good one: holly hill s.c. 1887-1987,mint with contents,anyone interested let me know
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    2 ways

    osia, if you can show me a picture of the two ways you have i will go to work and try to pick up the ones you dont have, please dont play hardball[:D]
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    found a couple of aqua strait side bottles with WERT embossed in a watermelon shape slug plate.that is the only embossing other than this bottle not........both bottles had the tops missing so i dont know if they were crown top or blob top.they were kind of thick and heavy which makes me think...
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    esquire? Pat?

    have you ever seen a small green esquire acl from walterboro?now dont play hardball,i need to know[;)]
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    dremel tool?

    once you have ground out a bruise with the dremel, any one have any tips on how to buff out the cloudy spot left?what kind of buffing head or compound?
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    whats the deal with aiken? i have not heard much about it, do you plan on going?what time does it start?bring the summerland bottle if you can, i got an extra ridgeland two way if you still want one,let me know. just curious how many talbles they are going to have, heard anything?
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    crate ware

    how can you get rid of crate ware on straight side cokes?ware that tumbling wont remove?dont trust myself with the dremel tool yet.i have heard sandpaper.anyone tried that with good results? if so how?
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    did you want only two ways from ridgeland or any where?i picked up two diff. variants from atlanta,both in good shape,let me know if you need them
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    milk bottle book

    whats a good milk bottle book?i am interested in knowing about the diff. glass makers,what the diff. numbers mean,etc.alson interested in a list of maybe some unknown southern dairies. what do you think?
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    temple garden atlanta?

    dug a small machine made flask(just like those st. josephs and castor oil ones) it has embossed in a circle TEMPLE GARDENS ATLANTA GA. anyone seen this one? what was it?i would asume common being from atlanta.
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    white sox bottle?

    anyone see this bottle on ebay?starting bid is 2500.00.did a little research,the story seems to check out.dont know if they reproduced this one or not.just wondering if it is that rare? i dont know if that 1938 on the bottom is the date or not.

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