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    Trying to identify the name of this flask and what the is embossing is on both sides

    Well , I am not sure if I accidentally posted before I was ready or not . So here we go again .I recently picked up this flask and for the likes of me I can nor figure out what the embossing is supposed to be . The embossing is the same on both sides only located a little different from one side...
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    Trying to identify the name of this flask and what is the image that is embossed on it .

    I recently picked up this flask and for the likes of me I can nor figure out what the embossing is supposed to be . The embossing is the same on both sides only located a little different from one side to another . Stands roughly 7 inches tall . Not sure what kind of pontil it has on its bottom...
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    Bottle I waited thirty five years to own

    I posted the story of this bottle some time back . I am adding it below in case new people had not seen it before . Me and a friend of mine got into digging bottles back in the late 1970s . We were digging in an old ash dump on the bank of the Ohio River at that time . We both had opened...
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    Cincinnati Sulpho Saline Springs and Bath House

    Hello all , hope all is fine with everyone . I recently picked up this bottle and have been trying to find out some history , rarity , and value , can not find a thing except for a small ad showing the location and info about the spring water in Cincinnati . Possibly put out by Christian...
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    How to remove substance from inside bottle

    Picked this soda bottle up last week , not sure what it is that is caked inside in places . Some of it is kind of gummy and sticky as well as some of it being dry and quite hard and stuck to the glass in places . I got a little bit of it out where it was thin . Tried sand and water and shook it...
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    Found a few insulators in boxes today

    Was going through boxes in the back building this afternoon and found a four insulators I had forgot all about for quite a long time , thought you insulator guys might like to see them . First is a frog eyed Lowex 512 insulator , next is a Surge , and the next is a Hemingray Transposition...
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    First Old Bottles Found In My Hime Town

    I always found it odd that all the years I have collected old bottles that not once did I ever find any old bottles in my home town , referring to bottles in the eighteen hundreds . Was quite a shock to walk upon these two beers in a garage sale in my home town last weekend . I can never think...
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    Help With Budweiser Mirror - Is it rare ?

    I have had this mirror hanging in my garage for more years than I can remember . I believe it is from the early 1980s . I have tried to find the value of this mirror for a very long time and have never been able to come up with the information on it . Thought there may be a Bud enthusiast on...
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    Looking for info as to age of this 7UP bottle cap .

    I recently had a garage and collectible sale this past week . Had a lot of bottles out and sold very few . I had four collectors , two were hard core , wanting thousand bottles and up . One of them I had been trying to meet for a good number of years . He lived close to me but I never figured...
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    Need info on Lightning Jar

    Getting ready for a sale this week , getting rid of bottles and jars I have had for a good many years . I have a half gallon amber Lightning fruit jar I have had for a good thirty years guessing . It looks like the number 417 on the bottom of the jar . I did a search on eBay with no luck as for...
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    Gooch's Extract Of Sarsaparilla Cincinnati

    Still digging out bottles out of storage for my sale . Been researching trying to find out age and approx. value of bottles I have decided to try and sell . Looked everywhere for this on as I have with others with no success . I think there is a book put out by an Ohio Bottle Club , need it...
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    Help With Straight Sided Pepsi Bottle "The Sanitary Plant" Greenville , S.C.

    After finally getting a break and having some bearable weather , I spent some time in the garage piddling around and enjoying the outside this afternoon eyeing all the plunder in my garage and out building in thoughts of having a collectable sale when the weather warms up and things dry out a...
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    Saegertown Pa. Ginger Ale Quart Bottle

    I was wondering if anyone here is from the Saegertown Pa. area that could tell me if this bottle is a common or uncommon find . I bought an original full case of these quart bottles in a flea market in Richwood , Ky. years ago . I had planned to try and resell the entire case . Before that...
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    Found this Carter ink in a box of plunder today .

    I had completely forgot even having this , it has been in a box of other misc. items for ages .I think this was a pretty neat ink . Never seen one with a container like this and especially never saw a filler that was attached to in the stopper of it . Thought some of you folks might like to see it .
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    Looking for Info concerning this bottle embossed with Monks ??

    Had this bottle for a while but have never found any info as to what it might be . Looks quart size . I am thinking wine or whiskey . Looks like Monks embossed around the bottle . Looks to have an applied top . Any info appreciated . Has been one of my most prized bottles for some time .
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    Found Three Nice Swirls The Other Day

    Found these in a box the other day I put up ages ago along with some other varieties of collectables . Three nice swirls , all different in design . The biggest is one and three eighths inches in diameter , the other two are approx. seven eighths of an inch in diameter . Had a friend who was...
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    Twelve vinatge 24 Bottle Cases Of Old Test Milk Bottles w/ Testing Vials

    Another deal for a person who buys and sells . I have for sale 12 antique metal cases of sample test milk bottles with the rubber plugs along with a number of testing vials that were used to test the amount of butter fat in the milk that would be hauled into the dairy from area farms . There are...
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    Approx 1000 Pop Bottles ,, Wood Cases and Milk Crates .

    Here is another lot I am making an effort to sell in one deal to try and open up some space in my building . I think there are at least a thousand pop bottles , including Wood cases and milk crates . There are a good many doubles in this lot , there is just too much to try and go through as for...
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    Large Amount of old bottles , jars and miscellaneous

    I have decided that I want to try and clean out my building and get a bit of order back in my life . No pop bottles in this deal , Those will be listed in another posting . I have crates of bottles , fruit jars and insulators . Looking to see if I can find an interested buyer who would be...
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    Bottle Typing/Diagnostic Shapes Soda Bottles

    Was doing a search on soda and mineral water bottles and came onto this site . Thought it was quite interesting . Thought those of you who collected sodas might find it to be interesting reading . Quite a few nice pictures of sodas of various types . Link added below ...

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