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    A lot of bottles need help

    I've been offered $100+ by 3 different people. But they each are saying they'll give more than the others
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    H Heye

    I have a brown version. Nothing embossed on shoulder. Any ideas
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    A lot of bottles need help

    I'm from grafton wv and so far no ones heard of this bottle. And I've been finding other local broken bottles that none seems to have a clue about. Possibly 1 of a kind bottles. Any idea what unknown bottles like this might be worth
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    West Virginia bottles (WV W. VA.)

    Amber coca cola clarksburg wv. Soda water made by coca cola phillipi wv. Grafton bottling works Grafton wv hutch. The last one is sold
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    I have a few things i cannot locate on the internet

    Just found another bottle that seems to be unknown. Septigyn.
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    Coca-Cola 6 1/2 ozs

    Amber coca cola clarksburg wv. Soda water manufactured by coca cola phillipi wv.
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    Two mystery bottles!

    The brown ones are lysol bottles.the small funny shaped one is a candy bottle. Anyway, I dug my first hutch yesterday and some great finds.
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    "Frankenstein" bottle

    I think it's maybe 50s lysol bottle.
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    Two mystery bottles!

    Omg. That would be heartbreaking. That yellowish colored hutch was probably valuable. I live in wv. I joined bottle diggers and collectors on Facebook. I like it. Today I went for a dig and found awesome broken pieces but the only things I found whole was common bottles. But I seen 2 pieces to...
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    Two mystery bottles!

    I've never dug a hutch. I believe they're around here but really deep. I live in Grafton wv
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    Two mystery bottles!

    I have a lot of bottles that I cannot locate online. But you are getting nice bottles. I'm impressed. I cannot find any info on any of these.
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    New at the antique bottle thing i need help lol

    Post pics and where are you from
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    can't find this Canada Dry ....

    I had a Canada dry ginger ale bottle that was carnival glass but gave it to my mother in-law.
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    The Common KV-1, actually worth something.

    The small bottle has 68 on bottom th larger has E.L. & CO. 67. I think the smaller one is older
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    I have a few things i cannot locate on the internet

    I seen kerkoffs perfume bottles that have same or similar symbol and says Paris france. This bottle says Dr kerkoff paris france
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    West Virginia bottles (WV W. VA.)

    A few other bottles but I'll wait to see if there's any progress on my other posts
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    West Virginia bottles (WV W. VA.)

    I also have 5 orange crush bottles 2 from phillipi wv one smooth bottom and one duraglas symbol on bottom I would clean them and sell them all $65

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