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    wooden 7 up carrier on e-bay

    i have for auction on e-bay a very nice wooden post WWII home pack bottle carrier. the handle extends in the center. this auction is up dec. 30. thanks for looking. it is item 170289622161 7 up home pack
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    Howell and Smith

    I found this bottle at a flea market. It has an applied lip. It has an Iron Pntil. I have gleaned a little knowledge about John Howell but not Howell and smith. Am I right that this bottle is 1850s? Any body know about it? What is its age, contents, history, worth? Thanks for looking.
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    bottle digging U.P. Michigan

    Greetings, My 10 year old son and 12 year old daughter and their codger dad will be in Northern Michigan and the Eastern U.P. for the next 2 weeks. Anybody want 3 newbee digging partners? We have digging stuff but no where to dig. Thanks! David
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    Then and Now-1971 and 2008

    I went to a small boarding school in Ohio and dug some bottles back in 1971. They have been stored since then. Last fall i was cleaning out the garage and found this box of bottles that has been following me through several major moves. I decided to see if they were worth anything. In the...
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    Caribbean shard

    Greetings. First time poster but I’ve been learning a lot these past few months. I have been interested in bottles since the late 60's. I'll post some that I dug in 1971 later. I really like this forum and enjoy all the stories. Matt, thanks for the bottle guide. Chris, your Baltimore...

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