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  1. cokemanracer

    Terre Haute, Indiana Bottle Show. Saturday December 4, 2021

    Well attended show in it's 23rd year, at the Vigo County Fairgrounds. Easy access to I-70.
  2. cokemanracer

    Recent ACL finds

    NFS - Found a few in shops and others at a bottle show yesterday. ACLs mostly, with a few embossed. NFS
  3. cokemanracer

    Indianapolis Circle City Antique Bottle Advertising and Antiques Show, Sept. 18, 2021

    This is a well attended show, about 30 minutes north of Indianapolis just off of Interstate 65.
  4. cokemanracer

    Raintree by Coca-Cola, 32 oz. bottle

    NOT FOR SALE..........Anyone have information on Raintree? Raintree Carbonated Fruit Drink, by Coca-Cola. Picked up this bottle over the weekend in an Antique Mall in Ohio. I saw a Raintree can sell for $24.49 on eBay back in May and it was from Indianapolis Coca-Cola. I did a quick search...
  5. cokemanracer

    Bottle hunting in Ohio...

    Went to an Antiques Market in Indiana then decided to go to a few shops in Ohio Sunday. Long day but found a few bottles, was a pretty good haul. I also collect open wheel race cars and found three in a mall.
  6. cokemanracer

    Dr Pepper Thief bottle, picked up today

    Found this Dr Pepper Thief bottle today in town, bought it with a group of about 20 other bottles. It's in really good shape but sometime in the past it's had repair work done to the lip. It's seamed on the sides and has a few small bubbles. Bottom has the capital A on it. The bottle is clear...
  7. cokemanracer

    Mountain Dew 26 oz. Non Returnable

    Last summer stopped in a small antique mall and found this bottle in a booth, didn't hesitate to grab it. I've seen it listed in the Mountain Dew book but the only one I've ever seen in person.
  8. cokemanracer

    Smile soda bottles

    Recently I picked up a Smile bottle collection, always liked these and had the opportunity to get them. I know of five of the tall display bottles, seen them in red and blue in addition to what I got. The green bottle is open on the bottom, looks like it was intended to be part of a larger store...
  9. cokemanracer

    New member intro

    Hello everyone. I’ve been a collector of soft drink bottles since the 1970s, started out with commemoratives along with a few ACL’s and began collecting the ACL’s more so about fifteen years ago. My first job in high school was in a grocery store and as the new kid I was assigned to sorting and...

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