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    Saving wildlife

    I helped this little guy out of the road tonight so he wouldnt get run over by a car.They lay 300-400 eggs at a time but only 2% ever make it to the "red eft" stage of life.At first I thought it was a Red Salamander but they only live as far north as New York.This is an Eastern Red Spotted Newt...
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    Mitt Romney`s health bill will sink his own boat.[:D]
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    Happy Birthday Maine Digger

    Happy Birthday Maine Digger! Hang in there man,the ground will be thawed out soon!
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    We need an Italian Pres. from Joisey

    I just got this from a friend.I cracked up laughing,but you know,I think its just what we need!
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    Today is our "Opener" for deer season

    Good luck to all who hunt for whatever,whenever and whereever you are.Uh Oh! Im 15 minutes late!
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    Soda?If so,any ideas on what kind it held?

    I found this bottle in a "new" dump next to an old farm field while looking for an old settlement.On the shoulder it says "registered" on one side and "Min. contents 6 1/2 Fl. Ozs" on the other side.Near the base it says Adrian Bottling Works Adrian, Mich..On the base it has an A.B. which I...
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    Not old but cool

    This is my favorite box which I rediscovered tonight.The Black Shells,a dovetailed shotgun shell box.
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    Not old but cool

    We have been having a rash of burglaries around the area lately and I had an old Atwood Kent radio in my unlocked shed.Tonight I went out to bring it in the house and found some bottles I forgot I had.I think they were part of our refill bunch we used to use for home made rootbeer because they...
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    Dismantle the Federal Reserve Bank or America is doomed.
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    Joe,here is my R.R.lantern

    This is my C.P.R. AdLake railroad lantern (with wooden grip) The globe colors mean: Clear = regular hand signals Red = Stop/Danger Blue = Do not move/Men at work Green = Proceed Yellow/Amber = Proceed at reduced speed/Prepare to stop I will attempt to add a short history after this...
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    Moxie info. please

    I found a blob top Moxie at a flea market today.Can someone tell me how much one is worth?
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    Cut resistant gloves!A must for diggers!

    I want all bottle diggers to be aware of these great gloves to protect your hands from cuts.Check out the cut resistant or Kevlar types.Either work well.Page 2 of the Kevlar section has them for $3.49/pair but you have to buy a dozen.(Sell off a few to your diggin friends)...
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    Physician`s sample

    I just HAD to go digging today.I thought about a plastic snuff jar I found as a kid across the road from where I was going,so I went there first.I found the dump from the year they used nothing but cans and after some digging,and a few bottles, I decided it was a real late dump.As I was about to...
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    Excellent packaged bottles!!!

    I want to thank Baltbottles and Joe the Crow for the excellent packaging on the bottles I received! the Samsonite Gorilla couldn`t have broken them if he had tried.[:D] Then again,he may have tried... I think he works for the United States Postal Service now.[sm=rolleyes.gif]
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    Where did the color go?

    Is it just me or does everyone see these pages as white now.I think it sucks.Its hard on my eyes.[:'(]
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    For Joe the Crow

    Joe,tried to message you a thank you about the bottle,but your PM box is full.Thanks again,Tim
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    Lets go Fiddleheadin`!

    Yesterday I headed up-country to try my luck at finding some Fiddleheads.They are a fern that grows by the rivers edge and are my favorite spring time food.In this pic. you can see the river off in the background and one of the many inlets where they like to grow in the foreground.
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    Hey AJ - Here is the jar

    This is the Golden Tree syrup jar I dug in a TOC dump.AJ,I know you said it had a certain neck type name but I can`t remember what it was.Thanks for your help.

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