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  1. SoukaXO

    Weekend Pickups

    Found these at a thrift store for pretty cheap. Wondering if the "Best Of The Bay" Coke Bottles are worth anything! Sent from my 5062Z using Tapatalk
  2. SoukaXO

    Gordon's Dry Gin

    Bought this bottle earlier at my local antique store. I have been trying to find the date it was made but I haven't had any luck. If anyone can help identify the date that would be awesome.
  3. SoukaXO

    Old Embossed Nehi Bottle

    Got this for free because it was broken and I'm not sure about the date I assume 1925 but I'm a bit new to collecting. If anyone can help me identify the date that would be awesome.
  4. SoukaXO

    Garage Sale Pickups

    Was driving around town yesterday and came across a garage sale with a few bottles. I almost drove past it but I caught some bottles at the corner of my eye and decided to turn back and check it out. To my luck, there were 2 old Coke bottles that were still unopened so I decided to buy them. Got...

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